Live Your Best Life

I will admit that 2017 was a great year for PMM and my personal brand.

We both worked with brands we have admired for many years and nurtured many relationships to new levels. While all this is true, we also noticed a big shift in the industry as influencers and bloggers have become increasingly more popular, which put a lot of pressure on models and their agents.

While I love working as an influencer myself, I have made it one of my many goals for 2018 to focus on these models because “We still need the models”. The straight size industry has both models and bloggers, and we should be able to have both without the models feeling like they have to try and become bloggers/influencers to book jobs.

We have seen diversity on many fronts in our industry, yet age diversity continues to be on the back burner. For this reason, I’ve decided to use our platform to bring some very much needed attention to this segment of women who are often forgotten by the fashion industry. My new “Ageless Style” series will run for six months and bring our readers closer to these amazing women you will absolutely adore!

This month, you will meet Lisa Scott, a model for over 20 years, who spends her days balancing a modeling career, motherhood, family and a vlogging career.

Everyone that knows me knows I don’t do resolutions, but I do make a list of goals every year. This year, I’ve decided to share them with you because I feel it would help inspire us all to commit to living our best lives. 🙂

1) Practice better self-care and set aside time for myself.

2) Work smarter, not harder.

3) Be my fiercest cheerleader.

4) Support and help others.

5) Be kind.

Happy New Year!

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