Plus Size Fitness Over 40 – Ageless Style Edition

I have always believed that we can be plus size and healthy.

To me, size has never been a determining factor for good or bad health.

As I started getting older, I wanted to learn more about how my body was changing and what I needed to do to make it as strong and healthy as possible. About eleven years ago, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and as a result, I suffer from muscle weakness, stiffness, and rigidity. Along with medication, exercising has helped with mobility and muscle strength.

Your situation may not be as severe as mine, but as we get older, our bodies do change.

Studies show:

Each decade from the age of 30, we lose 3 to 5 percent of the muscle mass we naturally carry, which causes us to lose muscle function — a condition called sarcopenia. Also, bone density reduces, leaving us with weaker bones.

We all say we want to grow older gracefully, but we have to be willing participants in our own lives in order for us to maintain good health as well.

Besides going for regular check-ups and addressing any medical issues, many of us want to incorporate more movement into our lifestyle but lack of time, confusion about how to exercise, gym intimidation and lack of motivation are some contributing factors as to why we’re not doing it.

This week, we wanted to answer some of these questions by offering a few ways to incorporate movement into your lifestyle at home. If you have 15 minutes, you can choose two workouts and do them in the comfort of your own home a few times a week.

I joined my friends at Lane Bryant and asked my personal trainer to collaborate on showing my friends and I ways to move our bodies, while looking super cute in our LiviActive pieces.

Stay tuned and join us all week for our very first Ageless Style wellness feature.

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Trainer: Charity Lynette

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