Plus Size Fitness Over 40 – Let’s Show Our Legs Some Love

As we continue our Fitness Over 40 – Ageless Style series…

…we want to touch upon some of the feedback our followers have given us as we were preparing.

Many women wrote in about simply not having the time to go to the gym. Others, said they don’t have the transportation, the money or the confidence for the gym.

Together with NYC trainer Charity Lynette, we decided to show different ways you can perform leg lifts. They are shown in order of difficulty with Kim’s being the most strenuous and Georgette being the least.

Please consult your personal physician before starting this or any exercise program.

Leg Lifts: Kim

Place your hands and knees on your mat. Look straight ahead and raise your leg back straight until it’s aligned with the floor.

Once straight, raise your leg up while keeping it straight.

Bring your leg down to the 1st position, not to the floor.

Once you are finished with one leg, move on to the other.

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Leg lifts: Maddy

Lie down on one side and prop your head and neck up with your elbow. Look straight ahead of you. Using your elbow to prop up your head will keep you from straining your neck. Keep your other arm in front of you with your palm facing down.

Slowly lift your top leg as high as it will go.The leg should go up at least one or two feet. You can keep your free hand either on your hip or on the floor in front of you for some additional support.

Gently lower your leg. Keep your body in the same position except for the leg, and slowly lower it until it meets the other leg. Remember to keep your spine straight and to avoid caving forward as you lift your leg.

Once you’ve finished with one leg, move over to your other side and elbow and repeat what you did with the other side.

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Leg lifts: Georgette

Hold the back of a chair and stand behind it while holding it with both hands.

Lift your leg up about a foot from the floor while keeping it as straight as possible.

Now lift it up to the second position and back to the first position (not the floor).

Once you are done with one leg, move on to the other.

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