This Shopping Mobile App Just Launched a Plus Size Filter To Help Us Shop Better

shopping mobile appNow you can shop your favorite looks on social media easier!

ScreenShop turns your screenshots into a shoppable boutique, showcasing millions of items from a variety of retailers such as Bloomingdale’s, Asos, Boohoo, H&M, Levi’s, Free People, Old Navy, Saks Fifth Avenue, Nike, and many more. And they just launched a plus size filter so we can use the app too!

Since launching in November, the new mobile app has grown tremendously, recently launching a kids filter and now a plus size filter. The app will also unveil additional features over the next few weeks.

Using unique visual search capabilities and world-class technology, Screenshop will have the ability to shop any look and easily find similar products offered in a specific size range.

No other app has the technology to do this. Simply take a screenshot of your favorite influencer or celeb, and ScreenShop will find a similar item for you in seconds.

The app was created by Molly Hurwitz, Mark Fishman, Ari Bregin, Meir Hurwitz and leading Israeli technologist, Jonathan Caras, with the help of Kim Kardashian West, an early adopter and advisor to the company.

Kim Kardashian West said in an official statement:

“It’s not a secret that I love social media and the notion of being able to shop from my feed is something I could only dream about. I’ve been working with the ScreenShop team to help define the concept and shape the user experience for over a year now. I am truly excited to bring it to market.”

Molly Hurwitz, ScreenShop co-creator and co-founder adds:

“ScreenShop is our way of helping consumers actualize the fashion inspiration on their social media feeds, providing them with an easy way to immediately shop the styles they see and love. I am all too familiar with the constant frustration of seeing styles flood my social media feed and never being able to find similar products that fit my lifestyle. ScreenShop provides the solution.”

The ScreenShop app is free to download for IOS in the App Store. For more information, visit: