Up Close and Personal With Social Media Sensation Gabriella Lascano

Living in gratitude is an attribute we should all be embracing.

For Gabriella it’s the only way she knows how… get to know socia media sensation Gabriella Lascano.

It’s no secret that social media has changed the landscape of how bloggers and influencers reach their followers. Can you take me back to when you first started your social media channels? How did you get started?

I first started my YouTube channel and blog in 2009/2010, the same blog I use today. Back then “social media influencer” wasn’t a career so college and “regular jobs” took priority. By the time I was a young teen I loved makeup & fashion, I watched YouTube makeup tutorials in high school, so my mother encouraged me to make my own! It started as a hobby and I’m so grateful she pushed me to put myself out there!

You have very successful numbers on all your social media platforms, to what do you attribute your success?

Consistency, confidence, content, and working hard. There’s no secret, you HAVE TO WORK HARD. No excuses, I stopped being my biggest obstacle. Too many people focus on everything and everyone else, and that’s what prevents them from succeeding.

Living your life in the spotlight can be challenging, what have you learned about yourself through this journey?

I’ve learned to enjoy the struggle and live in a constant state of gratitude.

As you celebrate another birthday, what are your goals?

As always, happiness is the goal. career wise though, another makeup collaboration or clothing collaboration, but mostly both ! HA! Beyond that, I want to really break the barriers that still exist for short size 18+ models like myself.

Size diversity is a STILL a “Hot Topic”. Why do you think some brands are so reluctant on working with models that are size 18+?

They think we look bad in clothing because we have more lumps and bumps and they’re scared to tip into the “promoting obesity” area. The truth is, their clothing sales would grow exponentially if they used size 3x models on their websites, PERIOD. They watch social media to see what we’re wearing, then copy us but don’t hire us, they clearly also see the thousands of comments asking for bigger models.

What advice do you have for micro-bloggers about expanding their social media reach?

Don’t try to copy anyone’s recipe, find what makes you special, find your story, and write it.

Get To Know Gabriella

Current favorite beauty product?

My favorite makeup product will always be glitter.

YouTube vs Instagram which is your favorite?

I love both!!! But YouTube has a special place in my heart because that’s where I started!

Most people would be surprised to know….

I’m not a party girl, loud noises actually really bother me. I prefer the ocean or silence – LOL – the beach is my favorite place ever, makes me feel close to God. I also think people would be surprised to know I have a bachelors in forensic psych and I know how to investigate a crime scene – HA!

5 Things I Can’t Leave Home Without:

Just my phone and wallet. I’m not the ‘big bag with my whole life in it’ kind of girl, I just need my iPhone and money!


Follow Online:

Gabriella Lascano
Model, Plus Size Blogger, MUA, Plus size body positive activist

Instagram: @GabriellaLascano
YouTube: GabriellaGlamour
Twitter: @OfficialGabGlam

Photographer: Antonio foster @antoniojonte

Stylist: Gabriella Lascano

Makeup: gabriella lascano

Wardrobe: Windsor & Fashion Nova

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