The Gift of Self-Love

It is Valentine’s Day and we are talking all about “The Gift of Self-Love” campaign with model, body positive and mental health advocate Faith Costa.

On this day, let’s celebrate love and body positivity with “The Gift of Self-Love” campaign.

Model: Faith Costa
Photography: John Carlo
Hair: Farah Monroe
Makeup: Faith Costa

What motivated “The Gift of Self-Love” campaign?

My self-esteem was at a fairly low point. I wasn’t being kind to myself, and as a result, I didn’t feel happy. I was sick of hearing myself, and the other beautiful people around me speak so negatively about our bodies. With Valentine’s Day approaching, a holiday where so many people are made to feel small, I wanted to create a campaign about love, beauty, and self expression. This was so I could showcase as many fantastic people as I could.

Model: Janie Ruddell
Photography: John Carlo
HMUA: Full HMUA Team

Who is behind “The Gift of Self-Love” campaign? 

The creators of the project are the CEO of Cherrie Pie Productions, Janie Ruddell and model/self-love advocate Faith Costa.

Models: Janie Ruddell, Sophie Wnek, Faith Costa, Catherine Ashly
Photography: John Carlo
HMUA: Full HMUA Team, Faith Costa and Catherine Ashly

What is “The Gift of Self-Love” campaign about?

The campaign is about love. Our goal with releasing the photos on Valentine’s Day, is to give people the idea of giving yourself the gift of love and kindness instead of waiting for someone else to do it. Loving your body and mind deeply.

Models: Janie Ruddell and Faith Costa
Photography: John Carlo
HMUA: Full HMUA Team and Faith Costa

Who are the models involved in the campaign?

We worked with 22 amazing models from all walks of life. We had mothers, students, business owners, non-binary, trans, women of color, working women, stay at home mothers, professional models, athletes, and just about every kind of woman out there.

What are the takeaways from the campaign?

The takeaways from the campaign is that self-love isn’t a one-dimensional concept. It’s a beautiful, complicated thing.

Models: Corrinn Chishimba, Navya Reddy, Faith Importico and Jenesia Torres
Photography: John Carlo
HMUA: Full HMUA Team

How would you define self-love? 

Self-love is being kind to your mind and body. It’s hitting the snooze button, skipping the makeup routine, and still feeling beautiful. It’s spending an hour and a half on your makeup for no one but yourself. It’s looking in the mirror and being kind when the world isn’t. It’s loving your body and treating it like the beautiful being it is. It’s cutting out all toxic people and things. It’s the only true love that really matters.

Models: Emily Atunrase, IV Mercedes, Sarah DeRupo
Photography: John Carlo
HMUA: Full HMUA Team

What are common self-love practices people should engage in on a daily basis? 

I think one of the most important practices is to surround yourself with other good, positive people. There’s so much negativity and hatred in society that can consume a person very easily. Take the time to find out who builds you up and helps you with your empire and those who don’t, shouldn’t consume your time. Another super important thing is to take time for yourself everyday. Even if it’s only a few minutes. Just to decompress and breathe.

Models: Toni Hedgespeth, Cara Dickinson and Tatyana Hill
Photography: John Carlo
HMUA: Full HMUA Team

What are tips to deal with a lack of self-love and personal empowerment? 

Lacking self-love is very hard. The most important thing I think every human being needs to know, is that their never alone. Speaking about negative thoughts with other people who make you feel good is so important. No one should ever have to feel alone.

Models: Kim Bowden, Sierra Maloney, Megan Pustaver and Sydney Lamorueaux
Photography: John Carlo
HMUA: Full HMUA Team

What is next for “The Gift of Self-Love” campaign?

We hope to continue doing photo shoots with as many different styles of clothing and models as possible. Pinup was just our door opening.

How can people get involved in the “The Gift of Self-Love” campaign?  

We hope that people want to be involved by becoming part of the movement. The campaign will be #thegiftofselflove online and we hope people will take photos, share their stories, and hashtag us so they can become a part of the campaign.

Models: Kristen Ashworth, Farah Monroe, Bentley Moran, Katie Weaver
Photography: John Carlo
HMUA: Full HMUA Team

ALL Photography done by John Carlo (Instagram @john.dionisio)

Producer: Janie Ruddell (Instagram @janie__ruddell)

Assistant Producer/Model Coach: Faith Costa (Instagram @faith_plusfashion)

PA to Photographer: Sophia Wneck

Set Coordinator: Anthony Scanish (Instagram @scantheman3)

Lead Hairstylist: Farah Monroe (Instagram @iamglamconn)

Kristen Ashworth (Instagram @shamelesslykristen)
Bentley Moran (Instagram @zanther_star)
Kath Weaver (Instagram @kwhoah)

Lady Voluptuous – ladyvlondon.com/LadyVoluptuous/
Pinup Girl Clothing – pinupgirlclothing.com/
Doodad and Fandango – doodadandfandango.com/


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