Plus Model Spotlight Feature: Meredith Shaw

An empowered woman is one who owns her space in this world and is determined to leave her mark.

This week we are bringing you closer to this wonderful powerhouse, Meredith Shaw.

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Navigating one career is hard enough; you have multiple streams of influence. Can you tell me about how you transitioned from a singer/songwriter to model/radio host/TV correspondent and writer?

The hustle is real! Lol! I think I just love what I do and feel really lucky to get the opportunity to pursue my passions. It all started for me with music; little did I know that my love of singing would lead me to my modeling career, my radio show, television appearances and a monthly column. I think when you follow your heart and are prepared to work hard, dreams come true.

For those of us who have not listened to you on the radio, can you tell us about your radio show and where we can tune in?

Absolutely! I go live on iHeartRadio at 104.5 ChumFm Monday to Friday 2pm-7pm . We play GOOD music, I interview chart topping  artists like Niall Horan, Lorde, Ed Sheeran and we talk about the latest greatest goings on in the world that day. You can tune in through or the iHeartRadio app.

As a Style Expert regularly seen on television, what spring trends are you most excited about?

Every season has a fun style perk but i always find SPRING to be the one that allows me to renew and refresh (both my closet and my perspective). Take a moment as we move into these warmer months (they ARE coming right? right??) to clean out the pieces in your closet that aren’t serving you anymore. Yes i’m talking about those ill fitting, guilt inducing clothes that are robbing you of your true fashion power and style JOY on a daily basis.

BUH-BYE!! and HEL-LO to your new Spring Style Must Haves:

1) Pretty Pastels lemon, shell pink, lilac – these delicate colours are everywhere but don’t be fooled, delicate can be strong – case in point, I love seeing these colours used in head to toe suiting or structured coats and bags.

2) Peek a Boo Fabrics: Sheer is almost always on trend in the warmer months but for 2018 it’s sheer PLUS embellishments. Look for transparent dusters with beading or light tulle skirts with ruffles.

3) Trench Coats: Now I would never call this classic a ‘trend’ but if you don’t have one, this is is year to dive in. Belted and buttoned up or an unstructured bikini topper, this preppy mainstay is getting a spring makeover to suit every woman’s personal style.

4) Belt Bags (yes, formerly known as the fanny pack) it’s back baby but it’s all grown up in luxe fabrics & stunning hardware. Not only is this style reboot mega convenient it also cinches our curves at the waist to give us great shape!

5) Detailed Denim, be it embroidered, bedazzled, distressed or patched, the style that is being injected into our day to day denim is refreshing.

I’ve spoken to many women and confidence often is a hot topic. Can you talk to us about navigating the entertainment industry and maintaining self-confidence?

I really do believe that there has never been a better time to be a curvy woman. Brands are listening, perceptions are changing and our collective voice is getting hella strong. It’s a beautiful thing (thank you PMM!) That being said, of course there is still work to be done and yes in the entertainment industry especially. I love clothes but the FIRST thing I put on is my confidence. Seriously, that is layer one because without it, nothing else matters. One thing I have learned to be true 100% of the time is that no one is thinking about you as much as you think they are – because they are thinking about themselves! So stop overthinking things and just DO them, you’ll be surprised.

It seems like women have never been more excited about the possibility of being a professional model. What are your five tips for aspiring models trying to get into the industry?

1) Go. For. It – if you have that dream in your heart don’t let fear or the unknown stop you. The worst you’ll hear is no. Big deal. If you never try you’ll never know!

2) Do your research. Know the industry you want to be a part of. Being a model is way more than looking pretty. Get to know trends, designers, editors, photographers, make up artists. Be informed about the business you want to be in.

3) Practice posing. Get to know your face, your angles. How it feels to be in certain positions so that when you get on set you have a flow and an awareness of how your body and face moves.

4) Start creating your “Model Kit”. This is a small bag of model must haves so that you come prepared on set. You have to build the kit that’s right for you but most models will have a variety of bras (strapless, plunging, t-shirt, cleavage etc.), shapewear, nude and black heels, tights, a silk scarf for pulling on clothes without getting make up on them, cutlets, moisturizer, white strips, nude polish.

5) Build a network. A career is built on relationships so start by finding your tribe of fashion obsessed babes and brauns and start shooting together. Social media is a wonderful networking tool too (duh!) follow your favorites and reach out – you’ll be surprised at how many people are willing to help you along the way!

During NYFW we observed many more plus size models on the runway. Where do you hope to see the fashion industry going after such a monumental fashion week?

I was so thrilled to be at NYFW this year – it was my first time and it was much more emotional than I thought it would be. Seeing and being a part of all of those curvy bodies strutting the catwalk made me so proud and excited with how far the industry has come. My hope is that momentum continues, that more designers start to see the beauty in ALL women’s bodies and that the ‘fashion elite’ stops seeing curvy as niche or a fad and just see it as fashion. Style has no size. Every BODY deserves fashion.

Can you tell us about Girl Talk Empowerment and your work with this organization?

Girl Talk Empowerment is an organization in Canada that is very near and dear to my heart. It was started by Katie Zeppieri to empower young girls to reach their full potential and I have been fortunate enough to speak to those girls about body image and body positivity. I know that struggle all too well and to be able to share my journey with them and see them shine so bright is pure magic. I look forward to many more collaborations with this impactful change-making organization.

Is there anything you are working on that we should look out for?

I am very happy to now be signed in New York with TRUE Model Management, in Miami with MC2 Curve and in Toronto with B&M Model Management. My agents are keeping me very busy! I have campaigns coming out with Penningtons, Hudson’s Bay, Marshalls and Be Body Aware. My monthly plussize style column continues in Canadian Living Magazine #WeTheCurvy, and I’ll be covering all of the red carpet fashion this Award Show season for CTV’s Your Morning along with my regular style expert appearances on The Marilyn Denis Show and The Social. VIEW MY LATEST ARTICLE HERE

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