Plus Size Fitness Over 40 – Let’s Get Stronger Together!

Strong is beautiful and today we are about to break every stereotype when it comes to plus sized women working out.

We love our plus size bodies and work out because we love ourselves. Nothing about what we are doing goes against our personal beliefs that we can be plus sized and healthy.

Together we decided to work on our core.

*Please consult your physician before starting this or any exercise plan. 

What are Core Exercises?

Core-strength exercises strengthen your core muscles, including your abdominal muscles, back muscles and the muscles around the pelvis.

Georgette is doing the most strenuous followed Kim and then Maddy.

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1) Sit on a mat with your knees up and your arms back on the mat.

2) Using your arm strength to keep you up bring your knees up and then extend the legs out.

3) Bring the legs back and down to the first position.

4 reps of 4 and increase as your core get’s stronger.

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1) Lay down on your mat with your hands at your sides or under you.

2) Keep your legs straight and bring them up. Try and hold them for 3 seconds and bring legs down.

4 reps of 4 and increase as your core get’s stronger.

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1) Lay on your mat with your legs stretched out and your arms above your head.

2) Lifting one leg at a time, reach towards your knee while lifting yourself.

3) Bring your body back down and repeat

4 reps of 12 and increase as your core get’s stronger.

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