Plus Size Fitness Over 40 – Healthy Bodies Come In Many Shapes

Our Last Day of Plus Size Fitness Over 40!

There are many people who believe healthy bodies ONLY come within a size range but we, at PLUS Model Magazine, believe health is very personal and cannot always be seen on the outside.

As women get older many things change for us, but one thing we all have in common no matter how old we are is that we all want to maintain our health or get healthier.

We hope this week-long series has encouraged you to love your body through movement. Time is a factor for all of us, but nothing is more important than our health.

On our last day of the series, I’m daring you to TRY and incorporate a fitness routine. Not a weight loss routine, but a #celebratemysize routine. Show your body the love in 2018.

*Consult your physician before starting this or any exercise routine. 

Our last movement is push-ups.

Yes, they are hard and we all had a good chuckle while speaking about pushups as we were shooting. I don’t live my life without taking chances and I’m hoping you will take the journey with me.

Pushups: Charity

1) Place your hands on the mat a little wider than shoulder width.

2) Place your legs out and your body should be like a straight line.

3) Push your body up in one move.

4) Bring your body down and repeat.

*2 reps of 4 and increase as you get stronger

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Pushups Modified: Maddy

1) Begin with your knees on the mat and your arms stretched out a little wider than shoulder width.

2) Bend your elbows to lower yourself chest to the ground.

3) Bring your body back up to the first position.

*2 reps of 4 and increase as you get stronger

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Make sure to warm up and stretch before and after any routines.

Link to simple stretches

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