Plus Influencers + Spring Fashion!

It’s no secret that “influencers” have changed the culture in the fashion industry.

In the plus-size industry, influencers are headlining campaigns and dominating the market with their style and body positivity. Brands now see that when it comes to selling fashion, the power of influencers is not only inspiring but also profitable.

This month, we decided to feature style influencer Rochelle Johnson, also known as Ro.

This is from our ‘Catherines goes to Jamaica’ trip, with a photobomb by Beck,!

She’s been a leader in the plus size fashion industry for several years now and has expanded her brand to work with several mainstream brands. Mom, wife, and entrepreneur, how does she do it all? This month, we find out!

In addition to Ro, we will also be featuring other influencers in celebration of Spring Fashion!

Yes, I said SPRING! Are you as excited as I am?

This season, we are going to see lots of embroideries, bold colors, exciting prints and more attention to accessories to help create your perfect look.

If you are looking for the best deals, make sure to come back daily because we will keep you informed and looking your best!

Happy Spring!

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Photographer, Luke Jones
Makeup, Tara Taylor
Red Jacket: Marla Wynn Collection avail at HSN