“The greatest wealth is Health.” ~ Unknown

Why is it important to pay attention to health? The reasons are endless. For me, health is important for me to have more stamina, have the ability to keep up with my schedule, and plan for a lifestyle that would enable to be a mother down the road. Not to mention, it feels so good when I move my body.

When, I came across The Plus Strut™. I fell completely in love with the event and the movement started by Joy Tribble. The Plus Strut™ is the first ever 5K run / walk for plus size women, in the North America.

This event was created to encourage and embrace a demographic of women, that are seldom seen doing activities of this type. Plus size women of all fitness levels, from beginner to pro, are encouraged to participate.

This isn’t the 5K where you’ll be worried about pulling up the rear. Who cares if you walk or run slow, you’re walking or running faster than everyone at home. No woman will be left behind — the goal here is to finish.

Get to Know the Founder

Do You Have What It Takes?
VIEW What It Takes – The Plus Strut from Jasmine Hall on Vimeo.

Interested in joining The Plus Strut™ on May 5th? You can register HERE.