15 Plus Size & Big and Tall Style Influencers You Should Be Following RIGHT NOW

Influencers are killing the game on Instagram.

With their perfectly curated feeds and sneak peeks into their everyday lives while working with top brands, we are not surprised.

According to Forbes, more than 700 million people scroll through their Instagram feed each month and these days, we are seeing the rise of the micro-influencer, which indicates that the number of followers is not the only thing brands are looking at anymore.

Micro-influencers are those who have under 10K followers and have specific niche audiences who they’re deeply connected to, which prompts more engagement and interaction.

We at PMM believe in sharing the shine among everyone, including those micro-influencers who we follow on a daily basis. These 15 below are doing amazing things and we think you should be following them all right now.

#1: Sierra Holmes @eclectickurves

Sierra has worked with top brands such as Dia & Co, fullbeauty, Eloquii, Fashionnova and thredUP!. She also does panel speaking, local community partnerships in her city and provides reviews of local eateries as well as beauty hauls, gift guides and sharing tips on fun family activities. We especially love the IG fashion posts she does with her daughter, who is well on her way to being a fashionista herself.

#2: Miguel Rodriguez @migrich_29

This big and tall model burst onto the scene a few months ago when he was a part of the #WeAreBigAndTall campaign, created by fellow model Darnel Ghramm. That campaign has led to him becoming a major influencer with his elevated street style that has a luxe but fun vibe. His website will be launching in a few weeks and he plans to do more influencer work to show more fashion diversity within the Big and Tall industry.

#3: Alicia Young @apyblog

With many brands now extending their sizes beyond 24, it’s always amazing to see more bloggers of these sizes emerging onto the scene and Alicia is one of them. Based in Atlanta, she’s 1/3 of the blogger sisterhood The Fluffy Girl Tribe and has modeled for designer Elle Dove’s Lorenza James brand. She wears crop tops and other styles that break all kinds of fashion rules and she slays on a daily basis. We also love how she speaks candidly about mental health, chronic pain and infertility.

#4: Kavah King @gentlemenscurb

Kavah has been on the scene for some time now and has established his blog as the go-to for fashion, lifestyle and fitness for the big and tall man. He has also become a major influencer on Instagram, working for brands such as MVP Collections, Dr Martens, Boohoo Man, Big Fig Mattress and The Winston Box. He was also recently featured in the Adoration campaign showing that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

#5: Nadynem Ortiz @nadynem

This Puerto Rico-based blogger and influencer has so much fun with fashion and shows how she does it on a budget! We love her fun girly style and how she is not afraid to wear bold colors and mix prints and patterns. She also features beauty and accessories too.

#6: Frank @franknthecity

This Howard grad student is a YouTuber who is passionate about speaking to body positivity and doing activist work while looking fabulous. His style is fun and breaks gender barriers, showing that fashion is for everyone so wear what you love. He walked the runway for @nationalcurvesday last fall and continues to become a major influencer in the big and tall industry.

#7: Laurel Dickman @laureldickmanwrites

Laurel has written for major media outlets such as Ravishly and Huffington Post and still continues to be a freelance writer always pushing the message of body positivity and acceptance. However, she has also become an influencer in the plus size industry, tapping into a plus size style segment that doesn’t get much attention… the plus size boho/vintage world. She recently started Bopo Boho on Instagram encouraging fellow plus size boho babes to use the hashtag to be reposted. And of course, we are loving her Stevie Nicks vibe. Yes!

#8: Cassie @stylecassentials

This petite curvy blogger believes fashion is for every body and she pushes the message of body positivity in her posts and blog. She’s infamous for her OOTDs (Outfit of the Day posts) and we love how she tries new styles and pushes herself out of her comfort zone.

#9: Charl @gingergirlsays

Charl’s feed makes us want to travel around the world, wearing fabulous clothes and eating great food. Her imagery is beautiful and we want all her accessories! Let’s not even talk about that gorgeous red hair of hers. She doesn’t let her size stop her from living life to the fullest and we can’t wait to see where she travels to next and what she’ll wear.

#10: Jeffrey-Thomas @fshnicn

This style influencer calls himself a “Menswear Enthusiast” and when you check out his Instagram feed, you’ll see why. He knows how to wear a suit flawlessly and his streetwear looks are always on point. We love how polished and clean his aesthetic is, showing that big and tall men can be stylish and dapper too!

#11: Seth Martino @freshtoseth

Seth is new to the influencer world and has already become a brand ambassador for The Winston Box, collaborated with fellow big and tall male influencer Kavah King (on this list) and just announced that he will be modeling during Full Figured Fashion Week in New York City next month. Yes!

#12: Mia @infatstyle

This German blogger not only has great style but her curated IG feed gives us a look into her life as a mom and wife who loves fashion, while oozing confidence and sending out positive messages to her followers to love themselves at any size.

#13: Ryan Dziadul @extraextrastyle

Ryan’s style is preppy with a city vibe and his imagery is so amazing, showcasing him around the streets of New York City. We love how he puts an emphasis on the little details in his looks and we get the feeling that his bag and shoe collections are massive. He was recently featured on Chubstr and we can’t wait to see what’s next for Ryan.

#14: Virginie Grossat @virginiegrossat

This French plus size beauty is giving us Amy Winehouse vibes and we are here for all of it! She features her love for accessories, big hair and food on her IG feed, with this air of fun and confidence that just sucks you in.

#15: Francis Lee @francisleebaker4

Based in Kentucky, Francis not only talks to fashion and style, but also grooming. He also shares his favorite foods and places to eat, as well as other lifestyle topics. He’s already worked with brands such as Timex, So Sleep, Thrive Market, OBC Kitchen, SkinForum and others. We love how diverse his IG feed is, while maintaining a cohesive look at his life in fashion, wellness and style.

Who are your favorite influencers from this list? Will you be following them all? Follow us on Instagram @plusmodelmag and let us know!