8 Reasons To Make 2018 Your Travel Year

Traveling is great for the soul and with the weather getting warmer, this is the time to get out there and explore the world.

I recently got back from my cousin’s beautiful wedding in Toronto and a quick stay in Montreal. It was so amazing that I wanted to share my Canadian trip adventures with YOU… our incredible readers.

Now that summer will soon be here, I want to inspire all of you to take advantage of the warm temperatures and long weekends coming our way by traveling and truly living it up for 2018. Let’s discuss why…

#1: Learn A New Language

I don’t speak French. When I was in Montreal, surrounded by only french signs, I wished I knew how to speak the language every time I was out to eat and exploring the beautiful Canadian scenery around me. In America, English is the chosen language of choice. However, the more you travel, the more you realize the value of speaking multiple languages.

#2: Meet New People

It’s funny who you meet when you explore new cities. It’ll surprise you to learn what you do and don’t have in common with the people you meet on your travel journey. You can make a new lasting friendship or even meet a new business contact. I dare you to see for yourself!

#3: Experience New Cultures

In our current day world, there seems to be a lot of hate and discord amongst people. However, things don’t have to remain this way. The more that people travel and experience new cultures and environments, the more empathy and compassion we can have for each other. Thus, traveling is good for your mind, body, and soul.

#4: Rest & Recharge

When I tell you I relaxed, I 100% slept more and had more peace than I have experienced in quite some time. Finally, I prioritized my self-care in a way that I haven’t before. This newfound peace confirmed that traveling will always be a must, not an option, for my mental peace and serenity.

#5: Shop Till You Drop

My name is Natasha and I love to shop… I’m proud to admit that. Guess what? The more you travel, the more cool new things you can buy from places all over the world. Whether it is a new dessert, a new purse, or your favorite new outfit, this is something you deserve to experience. Don’t you agree?

#6: Get In Touch With Yourself

Golda Poretsky once said, “Do something every day that is loving toward your body and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the sensations of your body.” (Source: Goodreads)

I couldn’t agree with her more. The more time and attention we give to ourselves, the more likely we can ensure that we’re living a life dedicated to our true authentic selves.

When you book your next trip, I urge you to start the day off with a 5-minute relaxation meditation regiment where you think about what you’re grateful for, what your goals are for the day, and that you remain open to the possibilities the Universe has in store for you each and every day.

#7: Enjoy the Outdoors

There is so much beauty in this world. You can spend your entire life traveling and there would be so much that you wouldn’t get to see. But, it is up to you to make it a priority to begin exploring this very unique and ever changing world. Are you ready for the challenge?

#8: Expand Your Horizons

We will never know everything. If anyone tries to convince you that they know everything there is to know on a subject or an industry, please know that they are sadly mistaken. If you accept this fact of life, then it must be clear that traveling is how you will truly learn about people, culture, and the world. This will awaken something new inside of you and this awakening is a part of how you will grow and develop in this world.

Question Of The Day: Where will you be traveling to next?