Our Latest Style Obsession: Fanny Packs & Belt Bags

The 90’s are back and we’re loving it!

Fanny packs are making a comeback and this functional and much-needed accessory has been modernized for 2018 while still giving off that throwback vibe.

We’re seeing the traditional fanny pack style with added details such as metallic fabrics, floral prints, studs, different sizes and shapes, and even some luxe looking styles that make the fanny pack chic. Yes, chic!

Even Gucci, Kate Spade and other designers have jumped on the fanny pack wagon with some of their styles costing over $1000! Yes, it has gotten serious when it comes to the beloved fanny pack and why not? It’s such a great way to carry a purse without literally carrying it, freeing your arms and hands to carry those shopping bags and etc.

We’re also seeing the sister to the fanny pack, the belt bag. Whereas the fanny pack has a luggage type strap that snaps closed, the belt bag has a belt with loops. The belt bag is the fanny pack elevated and what we love the most is that it can be adjusted just like a regular belt.

With that said, if you’re worried that the fanny packs and belt bags out there won’t fit your waist, we have a tip to tackle both styles… get an extender or longer belt!

With fanny packs, there are extenders out there that are very cheap, including this one from Amazon [SHOP] that adds an extra 13 inches to the strap and is only $8.99! With belt bags, just look for a belt that fits your waist and fits into the loops on the back of the bag. You can have fun with your belt bag by wearing it with printed and different color belts, creating different looks.

Here’s 7 fanny packs and belt bags currently out there that we’re obsessing over right now:

#1: A New Day™ Quilted Fanny Pack with Metal Bar from Target

$19.99 ON SALE, also available in red


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#2: Oversized Fanny Pack from Eloquii

$56.90 + take an extra 40% off with code ACTFAST 

Max. strap length: 60″ [SHOP]

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#3: Mix Quilted Fanny Pack from ASOS

$29, Max. strap length: 45″ [SHOP]

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#4: A New Day™ Fanny Pack from Target

$15.99 ON SALE, also available in black and nude pink [SHOP]

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#5: Banned Cosmic Sparkle Convertible Belt Bag from Modcloth

$35, Max. strap length: 43″ [SHOP]

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#6: Iridescent Fanny Pack With Skinny Belt from Romwe

$7.59 ON SALE, Max. strap length: 45″ [SHOP]

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#7: DKNY Tilly Medium Belt Bag, Created for Macy’s

$89.60 ON SALE, Max. strap length: 50″ [SHOP]

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What do you think of fanny packs and belt bags this season? Will you be wearing them this spring and summer? Follow us on social media @plusmodelmag and let us know!