Are You Joining Essence of Curves this July?

If you don’t know about Essence of Curves, you are truly missing out on an epic event.

Essence of Curves is a plus and curvy fashion experience, designed to redefine standards and encourage responsiveness to plus size bodies in mainstream spaces.

This two-day event will feature a panel conversation, a VIP gifting lounge and a fashion showcase with over 100 plus size men and women on the runway! They even have a few celebrity guests surprises during the weekend.

Have I got your attention now?

I got the opportunity to talk to the founders of Essence of Curves about the event and more.

Check out my interview with them below or here:

Want to Know More About the Founders?

Individually, they are Treona (aka Tree), Mikel, and Velvet. Together, they are 3P Consulting Group, a full-service talent management team, based in NC and PA.

Treona (aka Tree)

Survivors of drug abuse, molestation and low self-esteem, the essence of their testimonies are weaved throughout the culture of the company by encouraging camaraderie and empowerment amongst the talent they work with.

“The beauty of our group is that we recognize that even though our stories are very different, we’re still connected.” shares Mikel. “As a curvy woman, I remember shopping for jeans in a big box store for straight sized women and being embarrassed when I was told that they didn’t carry my size. This type of experience allows me to relate to the girl who’s been told that she’s too big, too dark, or too short to walk a runway or get a TV role. The core 3P message is that ‘We are one’ and we live by that motto every single day.”

This event is just one of the many examples of how Tree, Velvet, and Mikel are living out their dreams.

Velvet shares that “We’ve all been through something that was meant to destroy us. Instead, it gave us the drive and optimism to work harder than ever. Our goal is to create winning opportunities that teach others to do the same. How? By meeting them where they are and taking them where they want to go.

And they are doing just that.

If you would like to attend Essence of Curves, you can get your tickets HERE.