Plus Models and Influencers Show Off Their Sexy Summer Style On Instagram

These Plus Models and Influencers know how to rock summer style!

i see that i’ve gained some new friends here on Insta these past few weeks. so grateful for each & every one of you. just wanted to pop by, introduce myself, & share some fun facts about me! 1. my name is Gess, sounds like Jess & in two weeks & one day I’ll be 26 years old. yes, i’m a Gemini ? 2. i’m originally from a small town in northwest maryland with farms & cows & mountains, so I guess that makes me a country girl? 3. contrary to popular belief, I’m actually quite shy when you first meet me. although I LOVE to talk, it takes me a while to open up to people. i’m pretty reserved & private; i know, weird for a blogger ????? 4. i’m obsessed with interior design & architecture. i could seriously wander through old port cities admiring the architecture all day long & never get bored. i love appreciating aesthetic, just not sure i could create it ? 5. i rarely cook. it’s not that I’m [that] bad at it, i just don’t enjoy it. so I rely on other people cooking or eating out? • enough about me, tell me, where are you guys from? what should i know about you? comment below!

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Meu pretinho básico ? #usenila

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Do what makes your soul shine… #tbt Photographer • @brunalacerda

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