Word on the Street: Plus Size Superheroine Faith to Get Her Own Movie

If you don’t know who Faith Herbert is by now, you will very soon at a theater near you.

The plus size superheroine has been a favorite of ours since her comic series launched in January 2016 and she has developed such a major cult following, that since the launch, she has already had a limited series devoted to her character, a holiday comic special and a clothing line.

So we’re not surprised at the news that she will be hitting the big screen soon. She’s genuine, cute and so many readers identity with her. She’s currently the only plus size superhero headlining a comic series so we can see how she has become a body positive icon in such a short time.

Valiant Entertainment CEO Dinesh Shamdasani said in a statement to MTV News last year:

“Faith’s popularity has gone far, far beyond comics alone. Her unique and optimistic outlook have made her a source of fascination everywhere from The Atlantic to The New York Times to People… we’re hearing from scores of longtime readers and new fans alike about how Faith has reshaped their notions of what a superhero can be. It truly is extraordinary.”

According to Deadline, Sony Pictures is moving forward with a live action adaptation of the Valiant Comics series starring Faith:

“Faith marks a step forward toward making spandex characters more inclusive, since the men are almost always well muscled and the women model thin. Unless she’s redrawn, Faith isn’t that. She made her debut in 1992 as a member of the Harbinger team and her accessibility made her popular enough to get her own comic book series. She is able to fly and has the ability to levitate other objects in her ‘companion field’. She also doesn’t brood like most superheroes; she’s a pretty effervescent young woman.”

Valiant Entertainment took a chance on creating a plus size superheroine and it’s evident that the masses want to see more body diversity in comics. No word on a release date yet so stay tuned to the blog as this unfolds.

Click here to read more about Faith at Valiant Entertainment’s official website.