A Celebration of YOU!

Last month, PLUS Model Magazine celebrated its 12th year in the plus size industry and we’re so thrilled to kick off the end of Summer 2018 with a celebration of you!

All month long, we will be featuring and interviewing people who are creating change in our community.

Twelve years ago, PMM was an idea.

All my business partner and I had were our ideas and our passion. We did not have social media as it is today and we focused primarily on plus size models because we did not have bloggers or influencers to feature.

The plus size industry is vastly different today.

In addition to models, bloggers and influencers are also contributing to the way we see ourselves and creating change among the community. Together we have made the plus size space a welcoming industry that is no longer a niche, but an important player in the fashion industry.

I’m so proud of where we are today; we have plus size models making moves within the mainstream fashion industry at a size 18 like Maxey Greene. There’s also influencers breaking barriers in the mainstream industry but we still have a long way to go. We need to continue to push for more size diversity on all levels and celebrate the beauty that comes with maturity. Marcy Cruz wrote an incredible piece on what size inclusivity means that was very moving.

The article details how brands and people adopt the term “inclusive” without truly thinking of its truest description. A MUST READ!

If we say we are an industry that celebrates ALL bodies, we need to truly celebrate ALL bodies, not only the shapes and sizes which have been deemed acceptable by the mainstream industry.

Have an amazing month!!!!