Body Positive Book for Teens & Tweens by Plus Size Model Lisa Scott

Plus Size Model Lisa Scott has been a long time favorite of PLUS Model Magazine.

Her bubbly personality and striking looks made her star rise in the modeling industry in the early 2000’s.

Today she is best known as The Shopping Slayer, where she shares her love of fashion and modeling with her followers and was most recently featured with me in my first Ageless Style feature in January 2018.

Ageless Style Interview with Lisa Scott, The Shopping Slayer

Among her many accolades she is an amazing mother, so it was no surprise when we received a copy of her new book “The Life of Asil”.

This little book tackles the big issue of teen and pre-teen self-esteem, self-image and body-shaming from their peers, particularly amongst young girls and women.

As a mom of a young daughter I was particularly excited for this book because self-esteem is a conversation that should be on-going as our children continue to grow and be exposed to the world.

When I asked Lisa about her reason for authoring this book she said…

“To let every ‘Asil’ know you are not defined by other’s judgements of how you should look. You are defined by your thoughts and your perception of yourself. It is so important that we begin as early as possible to teach young girls to learn to love and value themselves. We can’t expect girls to have high self-esteem and good body image if we are blaming them for their size and making them feel like they are taking up too much space. Every girl deserves their position.

Within a few weeks Madison and I have read the book several times and it has prompted some great conversations. We hope it does the same for you and the child/children in your life.

The Life of Asil is available online at