Celebrate The Plus…

The differences in us make all of us unique but those differences should not make us feel as if we are being ostracized.

As you may know, most American women wear a size 18, which is larger than reported in the early 2000’s.

Due to the lack of representation of plus in the entertainment industry and especially in the realm of advertising, the plus community and men of size have often felt discouraged and neglected.

At times we ask ourselves who will advocate for us? Positive plus representation in the industry is rarely seen.

The issue of size diversity for both men and women need to progress past a comedic perspective in the movies, modeling, fashion, and media industries.

For this reason, what started as a recreation of a denim advertisement, this collaboration with Tessanie evolved into something totally different.

Each one of us has experienced what it’s like to live in bodies that are not deemed “aspirational” and we wanted to inspire both women and men to live positively and celebrate those very same differences which are often pointed out to be undesirable by others.

Tessenie shares…

“I think more plus size male and female models need to collaborate. If we’re models then we should be modeling and that’s with anybody. Art can be found anywhere and so if we did more together, imagine how much further our message would reach.”

Women have been on the front lines for body advocacy and body positivity for years and their hard work should never be discredited.

Their voice has inspired and pushed men to advocate and fight for similar causes. Together we can break down barriers and establish normalcy for those that are coming behind us.

In the fight for fairness and acceptance, let’s not forget to celebrate ourselves. Celebrate the plus.

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Tessenie Mowatt

Kavah King