Gap’s Latest Campaign Features Diversity in an Amazing Way

Mainstream brands continue to make moves in showing more diversity in their campaigns and ads.

On the heels of American Eagle’s move to feature size-18 model Maxey Greene and big and tall model Thaddeus Coates in their latest jeans campaign, Gap has now unveiled its latest denim campaign, featuring Kelvin Davis, a big and tall male blogger and influencer

When Davis launched his fashion and lifestyle blog Notoriously Dapper in 2012, he had no idea where this new venture would take him. What started out as a way to share his self love and acceptance journey as a married man with a “dad bod” has now become a well-known brand.

Six years later, the former middle school teacher and coach is now a popular influencer with over 71K followers on Instagram, as well as an successful author, signed model and body positive advocate for all men. Davis has appeared in commercials/campaigns with DJ Khaled and David Ortiz for DXL, and in campaigns for Target and most recently Gap.

Davis is definitely kicking down the door in the men’s space, leading the way for other big and tall men to be seen mainstream. Along with brawn models Zack Miko, Miguel Perdomo and Scott Bayliss, Davis has definitely carved a place for himself in the modeling world as one of those trailblazers in the industry.

Davis told us exclusively how it felt to be a part of a mainstream campaign for a major brand representing the bigger guys out there:

“It feels great, amazing and phenomenal! GAP has always been a dream brand for me to work with. They are very inclusive and our messaging matches up perfectly. This campaign is all about the contagious of good. Good clothes, good vibes, good people and good moments. Good creates good, I’m beyond grateful that my platform and messaging has had this much of an good impact on society. I strive on positivity, so this makes everything come full circle for me.

And it’s quite honoring to represent bigger guys, men of color and fathers in such a positive light.”

Davis also recognizes the importance of being authentic in a world where influencers have power, using his platform to break barriers mainstream. He told us:

“Honestly, I’m just being the most authentic version of myself. I can’t be anyone else but Kelvin, no matter how I look. Being myself has helped me break barriers in the fashion industry. Being a bigger guy and a man of color can sometimes hinder me from certain opportunities but I have never let that stop me from being the best I can be. I know how it is to live in my body, I know the trials and tribulations I face daily. But I’m still kind, positive and love others the best way I can. That’s what is allowing me to break down those barriers and provide more positive representation and inclusiveness to this industry of modeling/influencing!!”

Kudos to Gap for using Davis in its latest campaign and we hope this leads to more larger bodies being seen on their website and campaigns, as well as perhaps a size expansion (yes please!).

To follow Kelvin Davis on Instagram, click here. To check out his blog Notoriously Dapper, click here.

His book Notoriously Dapper: How to Be a Modern Gentleman with Manners, Style and Body Confidence can be found on Amazon here.