Bandelettes Featured in Chromat SS19 Saturation Runway Show During NYFW

Bandelettes, the popular anti-chafing thigh bands, partnered with body positive designer Becca McCharen-Tran of Chromat for NYFW and were featured in three looks during their SS19 runway show this evening.

Emme, Seynabou Z. Cissé and Hayley Foster each wore Unisex Bandelettes down the runway during the show. Shop the look: Unisex Bandelettes ($16.99) bandelettes.com/shop/bandelettes-unisex/

Bandelettes are thigh bands featuring two strips of non-slip silicone designed to be worn around the upper thigh to prevent chafing. Available in sizes A (pant size 2) – Size F (Pant Size 22), at Bandelettes.com.