Nasty Gal Finally Launches Plus Sizes But Is it Enough?

Nasty Gal is the latest brand to venture into plus sizes.

Well, it’s about time.

The fashion retailer announced they were “joining the party” in an effort to offer more size inclusivity. They launched the new size range with a campaign fronted by plus size model Alessandra Garcia-Lorido, daughter of actor Andy Garcia.

According to their official press release:

“So here’s the thing–confidence, fearlessness, and individuality make up the core of who we are, but size inclusivity was not always part of the conversation. Safe to say, we were overdue for a change. Which is why we’re excited to finally introduce our new fall capsule–a super rad lineup of transitional pieces, available in sizes 0-18. You read that right, we’re finally joining the party.”

Sizes 0 to 18? How is that being size inclusive?

The average American woman is now a size 16/18 and that accounts for 67% of women. Nasty Gal is not even skimming the surface of the plus size fashion industry by stopping at a size 18. And we’re not the only ones feeling this way.

Many women expressed their frustrations on social media, which led the retailer to make a statement via People Magazine:

“Nasty Gal is excited to offer customers a new capsule collection with extended sizes up to 18 as its first step toward creating more inclusive sizing options. Please stay with us as we hope to introduce an even greater range of sizes in the near future, allowing everyone to enjoy our brand.”

Sounds to us as if Nasty Gal is treading slowly into plus sizes to see if it will sell. If it does, they will expand on sizing. However, with the plus size fashion industry being a billion-dollar industry, we don’t get the retailer’s cautiousness about offering above a size 18. Typically when a brand launches plus sizes, they usually offer up to a size 24. A size 18 is just not enough.

What do you about Nasty Girl expanding their sizes to 18? Will you be shopping the new styles? Follow us on social media @plusmodelmag and let us know!