Plus Model Magazine Editor Madeline Jones Shares How She’s Breaking The Rules!

Madeline Jones Talks Body Confidence and How She is Breaking The Rules!

PMM sat down to discuss body confidence with our Editor-in-Chief, Madeline Jones, one of the dynamic women in Avenue’s “Show Your Confidence Campaign“.

We would like to encourage everyone to participate in this display of confidence. Show us what you’ve got! Tag your IG photo with #yourconfidenceisshowing and share what confidence means to you!

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How would you describe your fashion style?

I would say I’m the every day woman… I dress for my lifestyle. I can be in yoga pants in the morning and in  heels and a sexy dress at night.

What was your motivation behind starting your Ageless Style – #FabulousAfter40  series?

When I was turning 40 years old I was at an industry event and someone I know asked me, “What are you going to do now?”, as if I was about to jump off a cliff! I wondered “About what?” Her comments made me wonder about how people see women over the age of 40 and how automatically people think we are no longer relevant. This was so disturbing to me, but I turned my disappointment into action.

Let’s talk about the Confidence Series with Avenue. How does it feel to be included among an award winning actress and award winning choreographer?

The fact that we are all 40+ and represent such a diverse group makes me emotional. I remember questioning myself after my Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis… if I should continue this career. I felt so betrayed by my very own body and wondered how I could offer support to other women and ask them to love their bodies while mine was now attacking my well being. Thank God for supportive family and friends who helped get me through that time. If I would have given up I would have never experienced such an amazing opportunity with Avenue.

What do you hope people see or feel about #YourConfidenceIsShowing?

I guess I would want them to see that you don’t have to be ANYTHING but yourself to be confident. One of my favorite sayings is, ” I don’t apologize for myself or my size, I own my space.” And that’s because I do. We have to stop allowing people to make us feel bad about ourselves and walk in confidence.

What would be your advice to women looking to create a brand in today’s current climate?

My best advice would be: Be Authentic. Don’t mimic anyone else.

Decide what lens you want people to see you through and what you want your brand to represent. Grow… learn… experience.  Allow yourself to live in gratitude for every day.  Even the bad days… they will make you stronger.

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