Unboxing My Dia & Co Style Box

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Who doesn’t like getting plus size clothing in the mail?

…especially when it is hand-picked by your very own stylist!

I’ll have to admit… this was my first time using a service like Dia & Co, and I was a bit skeptical that someone would be able to ‘get’ my style from a questionnaire on a website… oh how wrong I was!

From the moment I logged into the Dia & Co website to create my account and start the process, I was impressed by the simplicity of the questions… they were comprehensive enough to understand my fashion style, as well as my needs when it comes to dressing; work, fun, play, etc.

Watch the unboxing my personal Dia & Co Style Box:

Yes, I was impressed!

Thinking about trying Dia & Co? Here are my 5 top reasons for giving it a go:

  1. You get to try everything on in the comfort of your own home. I really like this option because you can also immediately mix/match things from your own closet to see how each piece extends your wardrobe.
  2. Dia & Co is a great option for busy women who want a professional eye when it comes to getting styled for any environment (work, play, date, etc.)
  3. It gets you outside your fashion box; you will find yourself trying brands that match your style questionnaire but may not have chosen for yourself, or even known about (yes, we all get in a fashion rut).
  4. It is a fabulous option for those that may not live close to great plus size fashion stores.
  5. You get to keep what you love/like and return the rest easily in a pre-paid envelope; easy/peasy!

Try Dia & Co out for yourself… click to get styled now!