Everything You Need to Know About Visiting Savannah, Georgia

New Orleans, Nashville, Austin, Charleston…

By Guest Contributor Jason Martinez

The South is home to its fair share of gorgeous destinations, whether you want a nonstop party, amazing food, or a historic tour through the past. But for an enduring, diverse, hidden-gem vacation spot, head to Savannah, Georgia.

Reportedly the oldest (and friendliest!) city in the United States, this coastal Southern city is the Georgia paradise you’ve never heard of. There is something for everyone in Savannah, because it’s got a piece of all the best things the South has to offer, from food to weather to culture.

So next time you’ve got a hankering for lowcountry cooking or a Mark Twain-esque riverboat tour, put Savannah on your radar. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know:

Where to Stay

Like the best cities, Savannah has a rich diversity of temporary digs to suit a whole range of travel styles. From the cobblestoned Historic District to quaint East Bay Street to decadent, waterfront River Street, there are luxury hotels, cozy inns, and casual stays galore. Staying in or adjacent to any part of Savannah’s Historic District lets you walk – or boat, or even trolley! – back in time as you explore the city’s well-preserved colonial architecture and gorgeous riverfront views.

For a top-notch stay in the heart of the historic district, consider checking out the brand new Perry Lane Hotel, perfect for a romantic getaway or just a deep, luxurious dive into Savannah’s Southern hospitality.

What to Eat

If you’ve never heard of lowcountry cuisine, there’s no better place to discover it than Savannah (shhh… don’t tell South Carolina). Located just across the border from the southernmost tip of South Carolina, right on the river and a stone’s throw from the Atlantic coast and a number of lush islands, the region has perfected its rich, African-influenced stews and rice dishes overlapping strongly with New Orleans and Cajun traditions.

That’s not to mention many of the trendy newer spots featuring rooftop bars, Asian twists on Southern classics, and plant-based vegan menus.

Where to Drink

Savannah’s food isn’t the only place where you’ll notice a parallel to New Orleans: this Georgia city is also friendly to open containers, at least in certain designated areas. That’s right – along the waterfront River Street district, you can drink to your heart’s content while you stroll through outdoor markets,pop in and out of trendy bars to refill and refuel, and wave to passengers on passing riverboats.

What to Do

Even if loading up an itinerary of top-rated tourist experiences isn’t your style, you’ll get a gorgeous eyeful just ambling around any of Savannah’s historic neighborhoods. Savannah’s colonial architecture, breathtaking waterfront views, and trees weeping with Spanish moss will have you feeling like you’ve been transported to another world. Even Hollywood couldn’t resist Savannah’s picturesque charm – in fact, those famous scenes on the bench in Forrest Gump? Those were filmed in Savannah. You can head to Chippewa Square to visit the site yourself for a tree-lined, Insta-worthy pop culture moment.

That said, there are plenty of museums, historic homes and cemeteries where you can brush up on your U.S. History, as well as great food and shopping at the City Market. Plus, home to Savannah College of Art and Design, the city flaunts its own unique flair with pockets of funky college-town vibes.

What to Wear

Part of what makes Savannah such an ideal destination is its perfect combination of aesthetic charm and relaxed vibe. And that’s great news, because Savannah is warm. For this trip, you’ll want to prep a no-fuss wardrobe of lightweight pieces in fun, sunny colors so you won’t feel weighed down in the heat.

Most of the time, something casually chic, like a classic pair of high-waisted jeans, will do the trick for walking through the streets, shopping, dining, or – if you so choose – even riverboating. But if you choose to visit during the summer months especially, come prepared with a cute straw sun hat for extra sun protection, and maybe some new shades. And you’ll want to pack your favorite wrap dress, which will let you breathe in that sticky coastal humidity.

If you plan to do a lot of walking (and trust us, you’ll want to!), opt for stylish sneakers or comfy flats. When it’s time to go bar-hopping, swap them out for espadrilles or heeled sandals. And don’t forget to pack a swimsuit so you’re preparedfor a short trip out to one of Savannah’s nearby coastal islands.

As you can see, there’s tons to do in Savannah, Georgia. If your wanderlust ever takes you down South, be sure to take in all Savannah has to offer and tell The Hostess City that PLUS  Model Mag sent you!

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