Get Inspired By These 11 Powerful Plus Size Bodies in Motion

Plus size bodies are magical.

Yes, you read right. The body itself is an incredible thing but it is amazing what plus size bodies can do.

They can shatter stereotypes.

They can be healthy.

And they can be active and do incredible things.

While the words fat and obesity are often associated with being unhealthy, slow, and lazy, there are plus size people out there who are challenging those opinions and showing that you can’t diagnose someone’s health or make assumptions about their activity level by just looking at their size.

Also, just a reminder that someone’s health (at ANY SIZE) is their business and between them and their doctor.

Places like Radically Fit, a body positive community gym in Oakland, California, offers a safe place for everyone of ALL sizes to exercise in an environment that’s empowering and welcoming.

We are in awe of movements and groups such as Unlikely Hikers, Plus Size ScubaFat Girls Hiking and Curvy Kili Crew who are showing plus size bodies in motion, hiking, running, skiing and just out there moving.

There’s also people like Louise Green, Mirna Valerio and Amber Karnes who not only talk the talk but walk the walk, aiming to empower and inspire ALL women to be active and live their best lives NOW, and not 20 pounds from now.

Want further proof that plus size bodies are magical? Here’s 11 women AND men in motion who are inspiring us to get out and keep moving:

#1: @crystalholtyoga


#2: @iamlshauntay


#3: @300poundsandrunning


#4: @adventuring_athena


#5: @projectbonn


#6: @bonniemcrawford


#7: @curveswithmoves


#8: @movewithdeb


#9: @ceceolisa


#10: @rozthediva


#11: @ashleysadventure


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