Jazz Things Up! The Latest Hair Color Trends with Odete DaSilva

Drab tired hair? Need a new look? Jazz things up!

By Guest Contributor Odete DaSilva

The latest hair color trends blend opposite tones: soft vibrant shades live side-by-side with classic nudes, and this season cooler undertones provide a softer contrast to reflect off one another.

This year’s Pantone Color of the Year is Ultra Violet and various shades of violet have become a hair color of choice.

These lighter and even deeper purple shades make a dramatic, personal statement. A soft, dusty-white blonde with hints of lavender is now the new cool blonde. Colorists are placing beautiful violet tones into natural colors for added emphasis. We’re seeing them everywhere! Violet tones in many shades are in all our color palettes, from fashion to hair. I believe they are here to stay, and will be for quite some time. Purple is an awesome color. By far, it’s my favorite.

Violet tones not your speed? No worries!

Add some sparkle to your everyday looks! With fall approaching, washed-out beachy blonde tones tend to make us look tired and drab. Winter is unforgiving in this regard.

In my salons, we add some glow to colors with soft caramel and honey shades to blondes. Brunettes can change their look up with some spicy caramels. All of these tones are very easy to maintain, with low commitment, if your stylist applies them by hair painting or balayage, the two most popular highlighting techniques. Colors can then grow out so well that by the time spring is back, they will have either been washed out or grown out. You’ll be ready to take on a fresh, new look! Super easy.

Hair is our #1 accessory.

We literally wear it every day. So, when we have it colored and styled, it’s vital to protect and maintain our beautiful new look! The most important step to keeping hair looking its best is to keep it healthy and shiny, with a color-protective shampoo and conditioner.

Take the time to ask your hairstylist which shampoo and conditioner is best for your hair type, texture and color. If you do color your hair, always use a color-safe or color-protective shampoo and conditioner. They are specifically designed to protect the color pigments that created your new look.

Remember that shampoo is designed to remove just about anything in its path: dirt, impurities, etc. It also prepares hair for the uptake of conditioner, for proper moisturizing. Pairing your shampoo with its counterpart conditioner is a smart option, since they are designed to work together for maximum results. The right shampoo and conditioner can dramatically prolong your beautiful new look!

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Odete Da Silva is founder of the Artistex Salon and Spa in Westport, Connecticut. She is an award-winning colorist, stylist, and educator, and well-known for her beautiful natural-looking blond and brunette hair color work. Odete is a winner of the coveted U.S. Gold Award in the Goldwell Color Zoom Competition, and also known for creative color design.

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