Love Your Body…

LOVE YOUR BODY…. these words seem so simple yet they carry so much power.

For PMM, we have seen generations of women begin to love themselves in a different and profound way.

Self-care has become just as important as physical health and many women are being open about their struggles and triumphs in loving themselves. While this is all amazing, one thing is for sure, no one was thinking about how the men, specifically plus size men, were feeling about themselves. Do they feel insecure? Do they struggle with self-confidence?

This month, we decided to feature model Rob Robinson, who has been very vocal about his personal journey and has created a brand that focuses on self-confidence with such authenticity and humor.

Do plus size men struggle with self-confidence and finding on-trend fashion options? Find out what Rob had to say in his very in-depth interview.

In addition, some of your favorite models and influencers will be sharing what LOVE YOUR BODY means to them.

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XOXO Maddy

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