Plus Size Winter 2019 Fashions to Come

It’s that time of year again, folks – break out the boots and coats if you haven’t already.

By Guest Contributor Jason Martinez

We hope you’re as excited for the winter weather as we are because in 2019 we’re anticipating a perfect balance of old classics and new twists to ring in the new year.

Winter 2019 will import plenty from Fall 2018, so you won’t have to get rid of your denim skirts, floral midi dresses, or sweater-jackets just yet. Just get ready to mix them up with some bold prints and funky fabrics.

One thing’s clear across the board: Winter 2019 is all about layering up! And we don’t just mean the traditional collared-shirt-sweater combo. This winter, have fun mixing styles, textures, proportions, and even seasons. We’re seeing streetwear with more formal pieces, like graphic hoodies under faux fur, and more than the occasional summer dress over cozy winter pieces.

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Plus Size Winter 2019 Pieces

Long Coats

To say long coats are must-haves this winter would be an understatement. Models in all shapes and sizes are dusting runways with timeless trench, camel, cocoon, duster, and Chesterfield coats in classic muted tones as well as bright, chemical colors. A standout is the vinyl trench, which is sure to make a statement whether you dress it up or down. 

Deconstructed Denim

No need to say goodbye to your ripped knees and raw hems just yet, y’all. From high waist jeans skinnies to wide leg, deconstructed denim is here to stay throughout the chilliest months. Bonus points for 90’s-inspired denim skirts or outerwear like embellished jackets, which are also super in this season.

Cropped Jeans

It’s safe to say cropped jeans have dug their heels into runways for at least another season. If you missed your chance to hop on the kick flare train earlier this year, it’s not too late!

Chunky Sweaters

An oldie but goodie, chunky sweaters are here to stay. Try them in this year’s favorite jewel tones, and mix up your proportions by pairing with curve-hugging skinny jeans and bold-colored booties (white boots are a Winter 2019 fave).

Midi Dresses

The reign of the midi is far from over, ladies. Midi dresses are great winter pieces that help you cover up for the colder months while leaving plenty of room to show off a pop of color with bold booties. Plus, a midi dress is a great opportunity to wear dark florals, which are still holding their own on runways.

Padded Jackets

Maybe long coats aren’t your thing – particularly if you’re under 5’3”, you might feel more confident in a cropped jacket that lets you show off more of your beautiful curves. No sweat! Winter 2019 has plenty of padded jacket trends to choose from, including the classic and much-loved puffer. Try one in deep jewel tones, and don’t forget to pair with your favorite cropped jeans.


If you live somewhere with rough winters, you’re in luck with this Winter 2019 plus size trend. Perfect for layering under out-of-season dresses, pairing with statement coats in fun fabrics, or just tucking under your favorite denim pencil skirt, the turtleneck will be a staple of many plus size closets this coming winter.

Knee-High Boots

The midi dress may be having its heyday, but mini dresses and skirts are in no way out, which means it’s time to break out the tall boots. Of course, curvy ladies know this bold, sexy boot choice is also perfect for wearing over a pair of skinny jeans, and will do wonders for your legs when the nights get extra chilly.

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Plus Size Winter 2019 Prints & Materials

  • Vinyl– No joke – we’re seeing vinyl pop up everywhere, from jackets to coats to skirts. For a truly eye-turning look, try a long vinyl coat or a mini skirt in a bright primary color.
  • Metallic– This one’s here to stay, especially in bright padded jackets and coats, as well as accent pieces.
  • Plaid– Wear it on coats, pants, or skirts, and channel your inner Cher Horowitz.
  • Floral– Last winter’s dark florals are in, but so are lighter shades. We’re seeing floral prints on dresses, skirts, and tops.
  • Cobalt Blue– A Fall 2018 import, you can still make a statement with cobalt blue for coats, blouses, and even boots.

Clearly, there are so many trends to be excited about this winter – so if the cold weather gives you the blues, at least make it a bright shade you can color-block under a killer coat! We can’t wait to see all the ways curvy trendsetters flaunt these styles.

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About Contributor Jason Martinez

Jason Martinez is a Cal Poly Pomona graduate and passionate writer about topics in both men’s & women’s fashion. Having written for many respected e-commerce fashion brands, he has built an extensive portfolio of experience in a short time. Jason’s mission is to always provide value through informative content.