Plus Size Women Fight Back Against Instagram & Fat Bias With #FatisNotaViolation

Instagram has some explaining to do.

It seems that the social media channel is targeting plus size women. 

It has become evident with many plus size women noticing that Instagram has been deleting posts and accounts when posting images showing them in lingerie, swimwear or semi-nude.

They have placed shadow bans on accounts and also have been limiting appearances on hashtag searches. Instagram has been basically restricting who sees this content and this has been happening for months now.

Instagram states that the reason behind this is because those images do not abide by their guidelines.

However, thinner women post more provocative images and are not penalized in the same way. If these images are not appropriate for social media, shouldn’t ALL images be removed and those accounts penalized?

So this has led to many feeling as if Instagram is being fat-biased.

Sarah Rosen and Lou Xavier have had enough and decided to fight back with their #FatisNotaViolation movement, which they describe as a way “to fight against Instagram’s erasure & censorship of non violating posts of large and fat bodies“.

The two fat positive advocates put out a call on Instagram, asking plus size women to post images of themselves in whatever level of undress they were comfortable in on Friday, October 5th and tag it with #FatisNotaViolation.

And of course, plus size women got into formation and posted away!

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I first posted myself in lingerie online back in 2014. I realized then that I couldn’t count on anyone else to show you a body like mine. That has been slowly changing but Instagram’s policies seem stuck in the past. Wearing lingerie or a bikini when you’re fat can be very vulnerable. Worrying about whether or posting something so vulnerable will bring you harassment is bad enough but having to deal with Instagram removing photos for violating “standards” that aren’t universally enforced is exhausting. I’m tired but I’m here to say IM STILL HERE existing in this fat body. #fatisnotaviolation #gabifreshxplayfulpromises 👙: @gabifresh for @playfulpromises 💍: @automicgold

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It’s taken me many years to find peace with my body, to realise that actually it’s okay not to look a certain way. One of the most important parts on that journey has been seeing bodies that look like mine. The fat bodies. The ones with cellulite and stretch marks and scars. The ones that are seen as too brown but at the same time not brown enough. The ones without flat stomachs or perky breasts or a thigh gap. Bodies come in all different shapes and sizes, and I think it’s super important that we recognise that. Thank you to everyone who shares photos of themselves, no matter what size or shape or age or gender or race – in a time when brands and media still need to do better, when Instagram deletes photos of fat people that do not violate their community standards, we need to make sure our own feeds are diverse and inclusive, so here I am #fatisnotaviolation #effyourbeautystandards #size26style #fatpositive #horribleinternetfatgirls #nzstylecurvettes #finavstories

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#fatisnotaviolation #instagrampolicy #jointherevolution You may be aware that Instagram are targeting plus size women at the moment. They are deleting accounts, deleting posts, placing shadow bans on our accounts for months at a time and making it so we don’t appear in any hashtag searches. They are actively deleting our followers and then restricting who they actually show our content to. In effect they are trying to wipe us out. Time and time again we have photos taken down for breaching Instagram guidelines, but the same photos posted by slimmer women are not affected. This discrimination needs to be highlighted and addressed. Being fat is not against instagrams guidelines so the persecution must end. As always my personal message to you is not about glorifying being overweight, it’s about damn well loving yourself and living each precious second of this life with great gusto, regardless of where you’re at on your bodies lifetime journey. #beautyindiversity Photo: The queen Velvet d’Amour @volup2 MUA: @charlotterosecoyle

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My #fatisnotaviolation It wasn’t back in 2016 when my photograph with my friends jubilantly posing for a photoshoot in a local mag was deleted. It wasn’t when subsequent pictures over the years were deleted. But you made it so. My #fatisnotaviolation Your judgment is. Your point of view is. Your stares are. Your reporting of our images that Do Not Flout any rules are. Medical fatphobia is a violation. Fatphobia when travelling is a violation. Abusive fatphobia from trolls and familiars alike are a violation. My body is none of your Business. My empowerment is not for you. My sexuality is not for your consumption. My #fatisnotaviolation ALL FATPHOBIC COMMENTS WILL BE DELETED. AS ‘POLITE’ AS YOU THINK YOU’RE BEING WITH YOUR CONCERN TROLLING. #plussize #fuckfatphobia #effyourbeautystandards #fatacceptance #bodypositive #igsg #plussizesingapore #fatbabe #lovemybody #queen #curvesbecomeher

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Even the guys joined in…

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I only have a couple pairs of these undies and now I'm spoiled. Cheaper undies will never feel as good as these @bear_skn boxer briefs. 👍👏 . . . Use my code "JordanDrab" for 15% off at checkout or use the link in my profile. Sizes all the way up to 6XL. Size inclusive love. ♥️ . . Sorry to all the people who know me in real life and had to see me in my underwear. 😜 . . . . #trans #transgender #transman #transmen #transmenofinstagram #ftm #plussize #plussizetrans #plussizetransguys #plussizemen #plussizemodel #fat #chubby #transbear #transition #testosterone #topsurgery #postop #bearskn #fatguysinundies #beard #ftmmagazine #beyondthenormative #scars #transandshirtless #visibility #effyourbeautystandards #stretchedears #mytransbody #transisbeautiful

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We are in awe of the solidarity of these women and men. The hashtag currently has almost 1K images under it and we expect to see much more in the coming days.

This hashtag movement is not only sending a message to Instagram that it’s not okay to censor fat bodies from being seen but it’s also reminding us all that we are worthy of taking space. It doesn’t matter what you wear. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and all those bodies should be accepted in any form. This isn’t glorifying obesity. This is about glorifying self-love and acceptance. And treating all with respect and fairness.

Instagram has not issued a statement yet. Stay tuned to the blog for more updates on this.

What do you think of Instagram’s action against plus size women and the hashtag movement #FatisNotaViolation? Follow us on @plusmodelmag and let us know!

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