Plus Size Women Fight Back Against Instagram & Fat Bias With #FatisNotaViolation

Instagram has some explaining to do.

It seems that the social media channel is targeting plus size women. 

It has become evident with many plus size women noticing that Instagram has been deleting posts and accounts when posting images showing them in lingerie, swimwear or semi-nude.

They have placed shadow bans on accounts and also have been limiting appearances on hashtag searches. Instagram has been basically restricting who sees this content and this has been happening for months now.

Instagram states that the reason behind this is because those images do not abide by their guidelines.

However, thinner women post more provocative images and are not penalized in the same way. If these images are not appropriate for social media, shouldn’t ALL images be removed and those accounts penalized?

So this has led to many feeling as if Instagram is being fat-biased.

Sarah Rosen and Lou Xavier have had enough and decided to fight back with their #FatisNotaViolation movement, which they describe as a way “to fight against Instagram’s erasure & censorship of non violating posts of large and fat bodies“.

The two fat positive advocates put out a call on Instagram, asking plus size women to post images of themselves in whatever level of undress they were comfortable in on Friday, October 5th and tag it with #FatisNotaViolation.

And of course, plus size women got into formation and posted away!

Even the guys joined in…

We are in awe of the solidarity of these women and men. The hashtag currently has almost 1K images under it and we expect to see much more in the coming days.

This hashtag movement is not only sending a message to Instagram that it’s not okay to censor fat bodies from being seen but it’s also reminding us all that we are worthy of taking space. It doesn’t matter what you wear. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes and all those bodies should be accepted in any form. This isn’t glorifying obesity. This is about glorifying self-love and acceptance. And treating all with respect and fairness.

Instagram has not issued a statement yet. Stay tuned to the blog for more updates on this.

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