This New Body Positive Anthem Celebrates “Thicck” Bodies & Self Love

A new body positive anthem has arrived…

With it being “Love Your Body” month at PMM and our cover model being a big & tall model and influencer, the launch of this new single is right on time.

Body-positive influencer Troy Solomon (@ABearNamedTroy) released his debut single “Thicck” on Monday, 10/8 and we’re obsessed!

The single is described as a “high-energy, cheeky anthem devoted to ‘thicck’ bodies everywhere“.

AND… there’s a video! Shot by Mike Busalacchi, the video brings to life the playful, effervescent aesthetic Solomon has become known for on Instagram.

Solomon, who hit the Instagram scene just two years ago, has become an icon in the body positive world as an advocate, influencer and model. His fearless presence and willingness to be transparent with his life is simply inspiring.

He continues to push boundaries with his eclectic, androgynous style and wearing “female” geared brands such as Torrid and Premme to show that fashion is less about gender and more about expressing yourself. And his creative expression and personality shines through, making him so relatable to his fans.

He has since been featured in articles by Teen Vogue, Refinery29, Allure, Slink Magazine and Nylon Germany.

Solomon said in an official statement:

“I knew from the very start of the music making process that I wanted to write a song about how much I love my body — its something I, along with thousands of other people, talk about on the internet, but not something we hear all too often in music. “I want people to smile when they hear this song. I want people to dance in their underwear in the mirror when they hear this song. I want people to celebrate who they are, unapologetically, when they hear this song. Writing ‘THICCK’ came so naturally to me — its exactly what I talk about on my Instagram, and now everyone gets to HEAR what being fat sounds like in my head and that is something really special.”

With Instagram policing plus size bodies by deleting accounts and removing posts, this single has launched at the perfect time. It celebrates all bodies and challenges the notion that you have to lose weight to be happy and love yourself. Thank you Troy for using music as a way to inspire others to know they are worthy and beautiful.

You can listen to the song here and check out the video here.

You can check out Troy Solomon on Instagram here.