Dia & Co Announces New Funding With The Mission to Serve More Plus Size Women

Dia & Co continues to push through on their mission to cater to the plus size customer.

The plus size clothing and personal styling service announced today that they have raised $40 million dollars in Series C Funding. According to the official blog post on their site:

“The fresh capital will further fuel our ambitions for our community, as we work to meet the full style needs of Dia&Co’s 4 million existing users—and the 96 million women we’ve yet to serve.”

The company has already shown that they are dedicated to the plus size customer and that includes women over a size 24. In the past three years since their launch, Dia & Co has already done a fantastic job in truly building a brand in line with the premise that fashion is personal. Four million users of their styling services is proof of that success.

They have partnered with celebrities such as Venus Williams and Rebel Wilson to make their collections accessible to Dia members. They’ve also executed bold initiatives such as having a runway show during New York Fashion Week runway show, a national newspaper ad campaign, and a partnership with the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

Their main focus has always been to serve the styling needs of plus size women. With co-founder Nadia Boujarwah being a plus size woman herself, she knows firsthand that fashion is indeed personal and she wanted to initiate change within an industry where plus size women often feel left out and not represented:

“I’ve been a plus-size woman all my life. Growing up, I wanted to participate in fashion, but I felt shut out—stores didn’t carry my size, and I didn’t see anyone like me reflected in the images I looked to for inspiration. Despite my love of fashion, my shopping experiences left me feeling frustrated and alone.”

She and co-founder Lydia Gilbert are not done yet and with this new round of funding, the sky’s the limit. They still aim to serve even more women out there; as mentioned above, Boujarwah estimates that there are still 96 million women out there to be served.

For them, the customer is the foundation of what Dia & Co is about. So we were not surprised when we read Boujarwah’s heartfelt offer to plus size women to offer their input on how they can do better to serve her:

“As we begin this new chapter, we turn to you as we always have to help determine our path forward. Your input and support have served as our compass—and your ideas have inspired the development of new products, new ways of shopping, and new experiences already in the works. Dia&Co is a passionate team of 750 people, each of whom is deeply committed to listening and building the experiences that will matter most to you. Please keep your feedback coming! My email address is [email protected], and I’d love to hear from you.”

Kudos to Dia & Co on continuing to push the envelope and not letting fear stop them from truly reaching plus size women in ways that many brands can take note and learn a thing or two from.

Click here to read more of Boujarwah’s announcement on the Dia & Co blog.

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