This Denim Campaign Truly Shows Size Diversity in the Right Way

Dia & Co continues to be a leader in pushing size diversity within the fashion industry.

During a time when plus size women want to see bodies that look like theirs, the plus size clothing and personal styling service is answering that call.

From their #FittoThrive campaign and recent launch of Venus Williams’ activewear brand EleVen in plus sizes to their #TeeUpChange campaign to educate future designers on the importance of designing for all sizes, Dia & Co is leading the way in using visibly plus bodies in campaigns and showing diversity on all fronts, including the runway.

The latest feature on their blog is especially powerful because while it’s a “skinny jeans” story and how they can be styled during the fall season, Dia & Co took it one step further and featured women sizes 1X through 5X wearing their best selling jean, the Leroy Ankle Skinny Jean. Our Blog Editor Marcy Cruz, who is over a size 24, is one of the women featured in the campaign.

To see visibly plus women above a size 2X in different body shapes looking stylish and on-trend is simply fabulous and sends a message that fashion is truly for everyone.

The shift is happening and now visibly plus bodies are now getting more exposure. Brands and the media tend to shy away from showing larger bodies because of the negative comments that would ensue, which leads them to think women don’t want to see larger bodies.

But from what we have seen online since the launch of this campaign, it’s obvious that women do want to see bodies that look like theirs.

“Yes!!! I loved seeing this in my inbox this morning! You look amazing! And to see sizes 3x to 5x in this picture is powerful! #representationmatters”

“Yes!! Breathe life!!”

“Absolutely love this!!”

“I was so happy to get this in my email this morning! I’m going to request a pair in my next box!”

“Yay for 5x!!!”

Fashion industry, take note. Representation matters. Using one plus size model who’s a size 16 in a campaign alongside straight size models is not going to work, neither is using only smaller plus size models who are very tall with hourglass shapes and not visibly plus.

Women want to see a positive reflection of themselves. They not only want to be inspired to wear the look but want to see how it would look on a body that resembles theirs.

Yes, models are the hangers who market the clothes but why can’t the hanger come in different sizes to market to that particular segment? Just as one size doesn’t fit all, one hanger doesn’t fit all either.

Want to see more? Click here to check out the Skinny Jeans at Every Size feature at Dia & Co.

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