Supersized Superstar Sheree DuBois Shares Her Story

Interview with Supersized Superstar Sheree DuBois…

Plus size women are breaking barriers and creating paths for other women to follow all over the world. In fact, did you hear about the recent fashion film collaboration between Gucci and Frieze? Sheree DuBois, multi-versed Creative Artist and plus size model from London, shares her story and recent opportunity to be the only plus size dancer in the Gucci and Frieze film collaboration. Check out the video HERE. Learn more about the collaboration HERE.

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Want to learn more about Sheree DuBois?

Sheree has graced many stages in London’s West End, Singing, Acting & Dancing in Olivier nominated Hip Hop Theatre shows & supporting UK tours. London Born, of Caribbean decent, self-taught artist DuBois creates her own original music from composition & song writing, to production & recording. Emerging from adversities, Sheree is mostly self-taught, has found ways to overcome permanent injuries and managed to pave her own path in the creative industry without ever having an agent or manager. How has she created this?… by her philosophy of “making cons into pros”.

A proud plus size woman, despite being seen as ‘unrealistic’ to society, she started her journey as a dancer, trained & qualified in ballet, tap, jazz and street-dance and went on to join boy blue entertainment among other noted dance companies in the UK. Suffering with PCOS and Arthritis from earlier injuries, Dance, although being a major passion of hers, had to stop being a regular activity, but this wasn’t in vain. It forced her to pay more attention to her first love, Music.

Sheree had already attended The BRIT school to focus on music.

Music had always been her first love and dance was a great expression of that, but singing is where she truly began before she could even remember, however due to unforeseen circumstances in family & life pressures, her studies at BRIT had to come to an end, so she found herself teaching herself many skills, including how to produce music. She couldn’t sight read, so she learnt to listen and pick things up by ear. All these techniques that were once classified as “inferior” later on enabled her to carve a brilliant career in the performance industry, in Coaching, Recording, Composing, Vocal arranging and taking London’s West End Theatre by storm. Pegged as a “better than Beyoncé diva” by whatsonstage and performing to celebrity audience members like Alicia Keys, Thandie Newton & Westlife, her unstoppable mind set has proven to play an important part in her once perceived ‘unrealistic’ career.

Some of her experiences include:

Blue Peter Proms (BBC), National Movie Awards (ITV), Coaching for; Kidz Bop UK (Universal Music Group), X-Factor Artists & Young West End performers from shows like (Matilda & The Lion King), Xmas Concert Tour with Cliff Richard, Sunday Night Live at The London Palladium, Zoonation: The Kate Prince Company’s “Some Like It Hip Hop” & Supporting Tour, The Royal Opera House’s “The Mad Hatters Tea Party,” The Melody Film 2018 and “The Second Summer of Love: Detroit Techno” fashion film for Gucci & Frieze.

The latest of her endeavors includes filming a fashion film collaboration for Gucci and Frieze directed by Adam Csoka Keller who created the character “Big Momma” after seeing Sheree, the only plus size dancer in the casting. This has been an amazing achievement for her to represent the plus size community as one of the first plus size artists featured in a Gucci Project.

Inspirational Takeaways

  1. You can defy the odds no matter what
  2. If you don’t do what you love, you will regret it
  3. Formal training isn’t required to have career success
  4. Never give up on yourself or your dreams

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