5 Tips You NEED To Read BEFORE Entering A Model Search

5 Tips You NEED To Read BEFORE Entering A Model Search

I want you to succeed! So many small mistakes can be made by not knowing these 5 tips BEFORE entering a model search…

1) Don’t skim the model search posting. Read it carefully.

2) If the model search is for a specific area and you live one state over and an hour or less away from the desired city. Submit anyway. You never know.

3) Make sure you send clear images of yourself. No filters. No altering or photoshop. They do not have to be professional, unless they specifically ask for them to be professional. Make sure to show your shape!

4) If you are taking new snapshots to send in, make sure the light is facing you. Don’t cut off your feet for full body shots and make sure that headshots are clear and NOT blurry.

5) Send ONLY what the model search post is asking for. Do not send images that are too big, they may end of being rejected or seen as SPAM and never be seen.

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Featured Image: Crystal with Stetts Model Management