In Case You Missed It: Girlfriend Collective Expands Sizing on Their Popular Leggings to 6X

Plus size activewear continues to grow in amazing ways.

With so many plus size women defying stereotypes on wellness and what bodies of all sizes can do, the need for activewear in this space has become crucial and a growing market.

However, with the need for more size inclusive styles, some brands miss the mark by cutting off their size range at 3X. Nike, anyone?

Enter Girlfriend Collective, who is standing out for expanding the sizing on their leggings to a 6XL (up from 3XL).

This ‘slow fashioncompany launched back in 2016 dedicated to sustainability within fashion. All of their products are designed from a variety of recycled plastics. For example, one pair of leggings is made from 25 recycled water bottles. Sustainable plus size clothing that’s ethically produced? Yes!

The leggings are available in a high-rise compression style, classic rise compression style and lite high rise. The Lite High Rise leggings are made from recycled fishnets.

The brand also expanded sizing on their bras to 3XL (up from an XL). 

From the looks of their first outdoor event, Hike and Hang, where they invited nine customers of different sizes and shapes to Denny Creek Trails in Washington to try the new sizing, it appears that Girlfriend Collective is onto something here.

We’re hoping this will lead to more size expansions on other styles such as their tees, bodysuits and shorts. In addition to saving the world, this is also empowering plus size women to keep being active as it means more accessibility to comfy and functional activewear in their size.

Yes, Girlfriend Collective, yes!

Shop Girlfriend Collective’s leggings here and bras here. They’re currently offering free shipping on all leggings. No code needed.

Learn more about Girlfriend Collective here.