New Year… Fabulous You!

New Year… Fabulous You!

For many of us, the start of the new year symbolizes an opportunity for new beginnings. Maybe you want to adopt new goals and that’s fabulous! But what if we looked in the mirror and instead gave ourselves a pat on the back for getting through the last 12 months… for overcoming, for being fierce in ways you never thought you could? And maybe this is something we should not be doing ONCE a year but more often. We check in on our friends and loved ones, when was the last time you checked in on YOURSELF? Would that be LAST NEW YEARS?

Let’s do better for ourselves this year; it’s not selfish, it’s self-care. 🙂

I could give you the same tips every magazine editor gives at this time of year or I can share my personal list  and hope that some of them resonate with you.

1) I Will Honor My Time

This means being mindful of the time I need for myself, my family, my job, etc. and being better at allocating so that I’m not left out from this list.

2) I Will Celebrate My Body NOW

There is a lot going on and we are watching people’s ‘highlights’ on social media and sometimes that makes us feel bad about our bodies. Love your body now… treat it like you treat someone you love. Nourish your body on the inside, and stop comparing yourself to other people. You are unique and perfectly made.

3) Money Will Not Run Through My Fingers

Make a budget and money goals. If you want to travel or purchase a big ticket item prepare for it. Prepare for a rainy day now so you are not caught in a difficult position later on.


Create a vision board and add those goals you fear you will never reach. When you see them every day, speak them into existence and believe they are possible.

5) KINDNESS Is Always a Good Idea

I’m preaching to myself here because people sometimes make it very difficult for you to stay in a place of kindness. There are people living in fear, pain, and uncertainty and they lash out at others. It’s easy to lash back or to seclude yourself in order to not have to face unpleasant people. I’ve been guilty of this… I’m committed to following my journey and embracing KINDNESS into every word and action I take.

Happy New Year!!!!

XOXO ~ Maddy