Would you shop a brand who doesn’t use promo codes but instead lowers their prices?

That’s what Eloquii has decided to do going forward, per an announcement in an email blast today (2/28):

In a blog post on their website titled “No Promo Code Necessary“, the brand sheds more light on this pricing move in an FAQ format for customers to better understand the new pricing structure.

Prior to this change, Eloquii daily offered deep discounts via promo codes, so we’re guessing this change is a bit of a shocker to customers. This will definitely let Eloquii know the extent of their loyal customers and if they are willing to shop without a promo code.

You may be asking how much their prices have been reduced to entice customers to shop without a promo code. We looked at a few items to see how much lower prices are.

Typically, their dresses were priced $69.99 and above, with many at the $109 and $129 price points. We’ve noticed that now, new dresses are priced $59.99 to $169.99. Tops start out at $32.99, with the highest price being $79.99.

Eloquii states that they will have sales but not as frequently. Many of their signature sale events such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Semi Annual Clearance will stay in place. However, the daily sales are not happening anymore:

“We can now offer you the best fashion and quality at the best prices with no promo code needed. As a modern fashion brand, we don’t always want to be a percentage off and want you to love us for our fashion, fit and dedication to our customers.”

Click here to read the entire blog post explaining the new pricing change.

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