Sarah Potenza’s New Album Is All About Owning Your Confidence, And We LOVE It!

YES, Sarah Potenza is What It’s All About!

You can use all the buzz words you want in your social media posts, but unless you walk-the-talk, it all means nothing.

Sarah walks it – talks it – sings it – lives it – inspires it…

Sarah Potenza’s new album, ‘Road to Rome‘ will have you shaking your booty and owning your space before you finish your first cup of coffee. Her new single, “Diamond,” from the album was recently voted one of Rolling Stone’s ’10 Best Country, Americana Songs of the Week’!

We caught up with Sarah Potenza on the heels of her release and we are super excited!

The name of your album is Road to Rome, what is the concept behind the album?

This album is my journey to shameless self-love. I spent so many years caught in a cycle of fear and doubt. I let it motivate my choices, and keep me from living as Sarah Potenza. I was shamed for being myself by my peers, by people who I loved and trusted, teachers, classmates, friends, family.

This album is about letting go of all that BS and believing that I am going to be loved for who I am. I am moving forward, shedding fear, ditching shame, and trusting myself. All roads lead to Rome.

It’s been three years since your performance on The Voice. How have you changed as an artist?

I have changed so much. When I was on The Voice, I had just begun my journey of self-love. Those of you who have been through this metamorphosis know that there’s a lot of ‘fake it till you make it’ involved. I was still in that ‘fake it’ phase at that point. On the outside, I was acting as though I was in love with who I was, but inside I was still not 100% sold on that concept.

When you truly arrive in the place I am right now, you no longer feel jealous of others. Nothing they have makes you want to sing songs like “My Turn”, a song off my 2016 release ‘Monster’. Because you’re not thinking, when’s it gonna be my turn. Because you don’t need it. My turn or not, I am so in love with me, that I am not even worried about that now.

These days I am just choosing things that make me feel good. Back then I think my aim was more, what would other people think looked good, sounded good. I let all that go. And you know, the ironic thing is when I stopped trying to figure out what would make the needle move for me, that’s when it moved.

In the past few years, we’ve seen women stand even more firm in their truth and power, yet we still see many women struggle with confidence.

Can you share a bit about your self-confidence journey and your advice for women still on this journey?

My journey to find self-confidence has been a daily practice. For me, self-care is a big part of it. So often we withhold self-care as a way of motivation, reward and punishment. For example, I am not gonna wait till I loose weight to get my nails done, or get my hair done, or buy that new outfit. My motto changed from, “When I lose the weight” to “A thinner version of me is not more worthy.” Looking my best right now in the body I am in has helped me to feel a love for myself that I never dreamed was possible.

There’s nothing more powerful than being yourself. There’s a magic in that kind of authenticity that is just contagious. I started to notice that others saw me the way I saw myself, as a fabulous, funny and talented women.

My advice to you if you’re struggling to find your confidence, treat yourself like a queen. Nails, hair, outfits. Wear things that you tell yourself you could only wear if you had a better (fill in the blank, arms, legs… stomach…etc.) Do that for a month and see how you feel.

Be mindful of self-shaming. Monitor your self-talk and only allow yourself to talk to you the way you would talk to your best friend.

If you could give your 12-year-old self any advice, what would it be?

I would tell her don’t waste your time chasing companionship or validation. The reason those boys seem out of your league is because they are. You are in a league of your own honey, you are so much bigger then they can even comprehend. They could never give you the life you are going to give to yourself.

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