Unique Vintage Celebrates Barbie’s 60th Anniversary The Size Inclusive Way

Unique Vintage has proven that we all have a little “Barbie” in us.

In bonor of the iconic doll’s 60th anniversary, the brand has launched a collection of styles recreated from 12 original Barbie looks, inspired by the dolls of the early 1960s to the 1980s.

Barbie holds a special place in many hearts for being aspirational but the doll has also come under a fire over the years for promoting an unrealistic body ideal, potentially sending the wrong message to young girls about beauty standards.

To counter this and evolve with the times, Mattel has reinvented Barbie over the years to where she has become a more realistic figure, including their collection of Curvy Barbie dolls.

Unique Vintage wanted to take it a step further with this collection, making it available in plus sizes up to a size 5X. THAT’S MAJOR!

Think about those of us who grew up plus size, playing with Barbie and not seeing ourselves reflected in her… now we can twin with Barbie. This is yet another step in the evolution of the iconic doll and what she represents for all of us.

Katie Echeverry, Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Unique Vintage said in an official statement:

“As one of the largest in the vintage reproduction apparel industry, our collaboration with Mattel was a natural fit. Our consumers are real women with real careers, who, like Barbie, range from computer engineers to surgeons and everything in between. We recognize the limitless potential of every woman to create her own universe and fully express herself in whatever ways are unique to her.”


The 60th Anniversary Spring Collection includes the following items, inspired by the Barbie dolls of the corresponding year:

  • Barbie x Unique Vintage Pink Satin Strapless Enchanted Evening Gown & Faux Fur Stole – 1960
  • Barbie x Unique Vintage Light Blue Malibu Barbie Swimsuit – 1971
  • Barbie x Unique Vintage Black & White Chevron Stripe One-Piece Bathing Suit – 1959
  • Barbie x Unique Vintage Peaches ‘N Cream Chiffon Dress – 1984
  • Barbie x Unique Vintage Rose Coral & White Busy Morning Sundress – 1963
  • Barbie x Unique Vintage Black Apple Print Sheath Dress –1959
  • Barbie x Unique Vintage 1960s Style Swirly Cue Shift Dress –1968
  • Barbie x Unique Vintage Red & White Gingham Woven Picnic Blouse and Dark Blue Denim Picnic Capri Pants – 1959
  • Barbie x Unique Vintage Rose & White Gingham Barbie-Q Swing Dress –1959
  • Barbie x Unique Vintage Pink Fashion Luncheon Sheath Dress & Jacket – 1966
  • Barbie x Unique Vintage Light Blue Barbie Vacation Adventure Swing Skirt – an original print of various Barbie dolls and beach gear from years past.
  • Barbie x Unique Vintage Retro Barbie Doll Face Handbag – appliqué image of the original Barbie face

To coincide with the launch, Unique Vintage also partnered with Glamour Magazine to feature one of the dresses in their fashion video series featuring women sizes 0 to 28. And yes, that’s me as the size 28!

You’ll also spy plus size model Faith Costa as the size 26. You may have seen her modeling for Torrid on their ecommerce website.

The dress featured is the Barbie x Unique Vintage Peaches ‘N Cream Chiffon Dress from 1984.

What do you think of this collection? Which Barbie is your favorite?

Click here to shop the new collection at Unique Vintage.