Here’s Exactly Why Karina Dresses Made My ‘Maddy List’

I’m probably most comfortable in dresses…

I love the way I look and feel in a dress and since I shop them so often I have a “Maddy List” that dresses must meet before I purchase.

1) If it’s a PRINT dress, it must be a gorgeous print that I could have fun with. I like to take a color from the print and add accessories around it like shoes or a handbag.
2) If the dress is a solid, unless I’m actually looking for a black dress, the color should be vibrant.
3) FIT is very important to me. I love a neckline that is feminine and a silhouette that accentuates my curves… I’m not shy about the way a fabric falls on my body, the feel of the fabric against my skin should make me smile.
4) I don’t normally wear bodycon dresses and I’m definitely more open to a-line dresses and dresses that have movement to them.
5) Lastly, price point. Just like most of you, I’m always looking for a good bargain or investment pieces. A dress can be both!

This month I’m super excited to share the Margaret Dress in the Country Estate print available at

Karina Cousineau began her company out of her home in 2008.

Her vision was to create dresses for every woman. When I looked at the website and learned about the people who worked with her, it felt like “home” and a company that really cares about what they are putting out. I can totally stand behind a brand that is authentic and stays true to their aesthetic.

What I love about the Margaret Dress is that it meets all the items on my ‘Maddy List’.

The print is beautiful and I picked up the little bit of yellow and paired it with a shoe that brought a little pop to my look.

Do you see me smiling and twirling? That’s because the fit is just right! The neckline, the sleeves and the way it accentuates my curves are perfect. This will be a repeat dress for many years and definitely for the remainder of the summer. I may pair it with a cute pair of sneakers for my brunch date next week. 🙂

Check out Karina Dresses here:

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Madeline Jones, is a NYC influencer and was compensated in agreement with Karina Dresses. All opinions are her own.