PMM Inspiration: What’s on Your Bliss List?

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw

Happiness is a choice.

Why is this important to acknowledge?

It forces you to acknowledge who’s in the driver’s seat of your life. As Tony Robbins has shared, life isn’t something that happens to you, but for you.

Thus, it is up to you to decide what you do with your life.

After listening to The Bliss List audiobook, it got me thinking about the importance of happiness, what’s on my own bliss list, and how I am incorporating happiness in my life. Let’s discuss it…

Why is Happiness Important?

Everyone has their own success formula. I believe feeding your mind, body, and soul every day is the ultimate definition of success. If you are accomplishing this, you can make anything happen.

As women, our lives can feel extremely stressful and overwhelming because we are usually doing the job of multiple people. We are mothers, daughters, caretakers, business owners, investors, educators, mentors, community leaders, creatives, and many other things.

We can’t forget that happiness is a journey, not a destination. Simply, we can’t put off time to be happy at some time in the future. You will never get to that “happy place”.

Instead, it makes sense to take care of yourself and your happiness along the way.

Incorporating happiness in your daily life gives you the energy and motivation to pursue your personal and professional goals. When you don’t prioritize your happiness, you will stand in your own way because you won’t have the feeling of fulfillment and purpose pushing you forward.

What’s on Your Bliss List?

If you never asked yourself that question, today is the PERFECT opportunity to write down the top 7 things on your bliss list.

Here are 4 questions to ask yourself to complete the list:

1) What makes you happy?

If you are in touch with yourself, this is a super easy question to answer. If you need a couple of moments to think, that is completely fine. There are so many things we are involved in that invoke many emotions within us. For me, here is a “short” list of things that make me happy:

2) What is something you love that you would do for free?

They say if you love something, you’re not concerned about money. As a coach and content creator, I completely agree. I put a lot of info into the world because I love providing value and education to the people who need it. Getting paid isn’t the driving force behind the message. It’s love, passion, and insight that makes me continue to share my message repeatedly.

3) What makes you feel confident?

Like happiness, confidence is absolutely a journey not a destination.

There are some days where we feel like a superstar. Then, there are other days where we don’t feel so great. Confidence can be a big factor in determining what you love.

I adore public speaking because I feel very confident sharing my message to audiences. It allows me to easily network with people all over the country. Learning more about other people and their stories is deeply moving and inspirational. If you can identify the activities and habits that make you feel confident, you can add them to your bliss list.

4) What gets you closer to achieving your dreams?

When interviewing for a job, interviewers love to ask, “Where do you see yourself 5-10 years from now?” or “What’s your ideal position?” These questions require you to share your dreams with a stranger; how fun is this? This might feel uncomfortable, but it’s an excellent question you should ask yourself. Identify what is on your bliss list that you want accomplish 5-10 years from now.

What’s Next?

First: Create your bliss list.

Second: Develop a daily and weekly action plan to achieve every item on your bliss list.

Third: Commit to yourself, your action plan, and your dreams.

Fourth: Document the journey! Don’t forget to tag Dressing Room 8 and PLUS Model Magazine to bring us along for the journey.