Sabas on Rolling Into The Men’s Plus Size Fashion Industry

In this issue we talk with Sabas about the Men’s Plus Size Fashion Industry… 

PMM: The Plus-size fashion industry has seen significant grown in men’s fashion. Can you tell us about brands that you feel are offering great options for plus size men? 

Men’s fashion truly is beginning to expand with the options, patterns, and accessibility in the commercial marketplace. Some of the forerunners of the Big & Tall fashion evolution for me are; The Winston Box, MVP, Destination XL, J. C. Penney and their lines with Shaq and Michael Strahan, Combat Gentlemen, Boohoo Man, ASOS, and MVP, to name a few that are really making a change in menswear.  In my opinion, these brands are not only leading the men’s fashion movement, but are constructing clothes specifically for men of size because our bodies are built different and it’s great to have companies invest in our needs on a commercial level. 

PMM:  Let’s chat representation, is there enough representation of “Plus-Size Bodies” in fashion? 

Honestly, no I do not think there is enough representation as a whole across the spectrum for men and women. However, there is an extreme disparity of representation of Big and Tall men visible in the industry. I know for a fact that there are a lot of Big & Tall men that are fashionable and confident but may not have the time or feel like the opportunity is worth it. Due to this, I work even harder to show men that it indeed is worth it and that you need to step up and show the world that we can lead fashion too. 

PMM:  How would you like to see the industry grow?

I want to see more collaboration between men because men know what men like in regards to our experiences and the aesthetics we like.  I think that there is enough room for everyone to take a part and grow the Big & Tall industry to the magnitude that women have done for plus-size fashion and events. More events need to be created for men by menwithin the Big & Tall community that truly caters and is curated for men so that we have a space to discuss what truly impacts us and how we want to make changes to how we are perceived.  

PMM:  What’s Next For You? 

With this up and coming season, I plan to push the envelope and continue to evolve my brand to becoming a household name when people think of Big & Tall men. I plan to expound on the areas of health & fitness, lifestyle, mentoring young fashionable kings, and continuing to challenge myself creatively in the realms of fashion. I feel that the door of opportunity is too vast to not take advantage of every area available to me. Finally, I plan to continue to stay focused and humble while remembering that my biggest competitor lays within myself; it’s always me versus me when it comes to success. 

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