Let’s Talk Prints!

A great print can take an otherwise great piece of clothing and make it magical.

I recently had the opportunity to choose one of my favorite prints from the new ‘Style Academy’ collection at Karina Dresses.

The new collection features prints and beautiful solids in various silhouettes.

For instance, I’m wearing the Social Studies print, which comes in 5 different styles. If you are looking for a longer dress, longer sleeves or even a more form-fitting option than the one I have on, they have it for you!

This is pretty genius since most of us have our own personal aesthetic and we often find a print or color we love, but the option may not be what we are looking for.

This fall when you are shopping for dresses, check out

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Madeline Jones, is a NYC influencer and was compensated in agreement with Karina Dresses. All opinions are her own.