Ageless Style Holiday Guide

Ageless Style Holiday Guide

The Ageless Style Holiday Guide 2019…

What a thrill it was to put together the Ageless Style Holiday Guide this December.

They say ‘Age Is Nothing But a Number’ but in fashion, it seems that age correlates with what society deems appropriate for you to wear.

To be honest, I was a late bloomer when it comes to fashion. I loved it but after realizing early on that I did not have many options, simply because of my size, I decided it was just way too hard to dress my age; I always looked about 15 years older than I was for lack of options.

Needless to say, the plus-size fashion industry has changed considerably over the last 20 years and so has my style and confidence.

This month I created an Ageless Style Holiday Guide curated by me*.

I stepped outside my comfort zone to celebrate my body beyond what people may think is “flattering’ for my shape and appropriate for my age. I like it, I wear it!

…I want you to be inspired to do the same this holiday season.

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No One Puts “Maddy” In The Corner

Yes, this is from the famous line in the movie “Dirty Dancing”. It’s always been a favorite because people will assign where THEY feel comfortable seeing you. I’m pretty sure seeing a plus-size woman walk into an event in a jumpsuit cape is stepping out of that corner and into the light. Go for it!

Jumpsuit Cape

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Lady In Red…

We can’t deny that red is a color that pops and makes a statement. Whether you are going to a client dinner or out with the family, this gorgeous dress from my friends at Catherine’s will have you turning heads.

Red Velvet Dress

Stretch Ring

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Sparkle Darlin’

Nothing says I’m ready to leave 2019 and walk into a new DECADE like this sparkling dress. Yes! This is ONE piece, I love the peplum top and V-neck… and this coat gave me the chills when I first put it on, simply because of how soft and sexy it is.

Peplum Dress


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Ready to Party

Make them GREEN with envy when you walk into the party in style. You will be ‘office party’ or ‘after-party’ ready!

Lane Bryant
Sheath Dress
3-Row Hematite Bangle Bracelets

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It’s New York Baby!

I’m a native New Yorker and spending the holidays in the city never gets old. The lights, the food, and the nightlife is truly something to experience. So if you’re going to be hopping from place to place, maybe a sexy jumper is the way to go.

City Chic Jumper

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Queen of the Night

Metallics continue to dominate the fashion scene this holiday season. It’s hard not to feel like you are the queen of your own kingdom in a dress like this from my friends at Addition Elle.

Addition Elle
Bronze Metallic Maxi Dress

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Boss Babe

Maybe you are not particular to dresses and you’re more of a pantsuit type of person. A sweet compromise may be a jumpsuit or a great Tuxedo Dress like this one from my friends at City Chic.

City Chic
Star Tuxedo Dress

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Ageless Style

As we close a decade and enter a new one, let this be a divine moment where you will commit to being your most authentic self every single moment ahead. The only resolution you should make is to YOURSELF.

You matter in all aspects of your life and when life throws you a curveball, throw it right back in a curve-hugging dress like this one from Addition Elle. We are not here to hide… we are here to stand out!

Addition Elle
Cascade Slip Dress

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IG @dollhousexpress
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IG @honybeautystudio

* All fashions were gifted
by the brand or PR company.
Lane Bryant
Addition Elle
City Chic

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