Did You Know? Project Runway’s Winning Looks Available in Sizes Up to 5X

Have you ever wanted to shop winning looks from Project Runway but thought they wouldn’t be available in your size?

Well, that has changed in a major way.

Photo: Nineteenth Amendment

If you are coveting Marquise Foster’s winning look from episode 2 this season and you wear above a size XL, his two pieces are available right now in up to size 5X.

Yes, you read right. A size 5X.

Project Runway partnered with Nineteenth Amendment last season to produce winning designs so that fans can shop right off the runway. And that partnership is back this season, which is currently just three episodes in.

Partnering with Nineteenth Amendment was a smart move on Project Runway’s part as the production platform not only creates sustainable clothing on-demand, but also allows the show to have the winning looks available in more sizes.

You can shop the winning looks for Episodes 1, 2, 6, and 10 immediately following the episodes and all pieces will be available in sizes XS to 5X. You can also shop the collection from last season’s winner Jhoan “Sebastian” Grey in up to size 5X as well here.

Photo: Nineteenth Amendment

In looking at the size chart, the 5X translates to a plus size 30/32:

Even the belt bag from episode 1’s winning look from Brittany Allen comes in an extended size that measures 60″.

Photo: Nineteenth Amendment

The Emmy-winning competition series is also giving fans the opportunity to vote for their favorite runway look via their Instagram story polls at @ProjectRunwayBravo. The winning fan favorites will be available to purchase at the end of the season.

Founded in 2014, Nineteenth Amendment provides a manufacturing platform where all items are made in the US and orders can be fulfilled in six weeks or less. They create on-demand with no minimums so it’s also inventory free, which means no waste.

Evan Clark from WWD wrote earlier this year:

“The looks will be delivered to consumers in four weeks — lightning-fast turnaround compared with the typical apparel supply chain, but still an exercise in patience for shoppers.

But the collaboration offers something viewers won’t get elsewhere and people will be able follow the look from conception to design, through the competition and ultimately to their closet.”

Amanda Curtis, cofounder and chief executive officer of Nineteenth Amendment told WWD:

“Fashion as experience is kind of how we approach it. You can take this model and apply it in a very creative way to create a new type of retailing.”

This process challenges other brands to reevaluate their stance on expanding on sizing due to cost and we think this is the way of the future.

Better fit and less inventory, which means less waste and longer-lasting clothing.

With companies like Levi Strauss proposing technology approaches to customers getting better fitting clothing – CEO Chip Bergh told CNBC, “Everyone can do their own body scan on a camera.” — to companies like Adore Me installing 3D body scanners from Fit3D in their Chattanooga, Tennessee store, we’re seeing changes in the fashion industry which are going to change the future of fashion in an amazing way.

But for now, Nineteenth Amendment and Project Runway is changing how viewers shop by providing more accessibility to a customer segment that is not given the opportunity to shop the mainstream runway often.

While prices are not as low as fast fashion ones, viewers can invest in pieces they love, having the same options as straight size customers.

You can shop Project Runway’s winning looks here.

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