5 Ways Women Can Push Through Fear or Anxiety When Going for an Interview

5 Ways Women Can Push Through Fear or Anxiety When Going for an Interview

5 Ways Women Can Push Through Fear or Anxiety When Going for an Interview

As a professional woman, few things trigger anxiety like job interviews, networking events or attending a business function alone. Following the tips below can help to ease the feelings of nervousness that rise when thinking about doing something uncomfortable.

Be as prepared as possible –

The best way to overcome nerves is to help yourself feel like you’re not entering a situation blindly. If it’s a job interview, do as much research about your interviewing company as possible. If it’s a networking event or business function, try to learn what you can about the theme of the event or who may be attending.

Give yourself a pep talk –

You’re awesome. You deserve the job you’re interviewing for. People who get a chance to speak with you at events are lucky. You know all of this is true; so, don’t forget to remind yourself of these facts when the anxiety starts to creep in. Tell yourself in the mirror at home or in the car as you drive. Either way, make sure you say it out loud.

Visualize a positive outcome –

As you walk into your interview, think about how great it will feel when it goes well. Remind yourself what made you want to apply. If you’re attending an event, picture yourself flowing easily through the crowd and making great connections while you’re there.

Remember that you’re not the only nervous one –

Whether it’s the person giving the interview or other people attending an event, you’re most likely not the only nervous person in the situation… everyone can have anxiety. Sometimes focusing on helping to put others at ease rather than thinking about your own nerves is a great way to overcome them.

Smile!  –

Studies have shown that smiling can trick your brain into believing you’re happy, which can lead to you actually feeling happy. Smiling is a great way to overcome your anxiety. It also makes you appear confident and approachable.

Don’t let nerves dictate your actions; you’re stronger than you think. You have it in you to overcome your anxieties so you can seize great opportunities!

Article by Guest Contributor, Nyemade Boiwu
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