Athleisure For EVERYONE!

Athleisure For EVERYONE!


Athleisure For EVERYONE!

In my January 2020 editors’ letter, I spoke about INCLUSIVITY and what it really means. And with Athleisure being the GO TO trend for the month of January it feels pretty amazing to be able to support a brand like Catherine’s that offers great styles in sizes past a 3X!

There is a lot to choose from, but I stayed very close to my fashion aesthetic because I’ve become that woman who lives in “Athleisure” and a pair of sneakers when I’m on the go.

A Yoga Look Is A Must!

I’ve only done yoga a handful of times in my life, however, my intention is to dive deeper into yoga and while I’m getting there I truly enjoy the “look”. Yoga pants are so comfortable, they are not tight and they have a lot of room around the calf. When you pair it up with a yoga jacket and cute hoodie you have a fabulous look that is appropriate for day time errands and weekend leisure activities.

Yoga 1 - Athleisure For EVERYONE
Yoga 2 - Athleisure For EVERYONE

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A friend on Instagram asked me about my workout bras… the FOREVER SPORTS BRA is perfect for those of you looking for support that is for walking and light activities.

Catherines FOREVER BRA


Styling Tip: Look at the size chart before choosing your size. If you want a tighter fit, consider going down a size.

Bright-EYED and BUSHY-Tailed!

This is something my mom would say to us every night before bed… “You better go to sleep so you can be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning.” lol

Honestly, that’s how I feel in this athleisure look. I can absolutely work out in it or just wear it to sit for coffee with the girls, all while feeling comfortable. The fabric is SUPER soft and the pants have a wide enough waistband that does not dig into my tummy; a HUGE plus in my book.

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Styling Tip: I can’t have enough socks and with the amount of time I spend on my feet I need a pair that supports me comfortably.

These Are a Bargain!

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