Inclusivity. Do we know what it truly means?

It’s easy for me to feel comfortable among others that look like me and are like-minded. But what happens when you are walking in circles where you are the minority, when you are the biggest person in the room yet you are completely ignored?

This has happened to me a number of times. While it feels absolutely uncomfortable, I put my big girl panties on and add even more pep in my step to make sure that I am going to represent for myself and my fellow plus-sized brothers and sisters.

Plus Size Inclusivity

So why do people feel so uncomfortable with size?

Well for many years society has deemed us unfit, unhealthy, lazy and basically second class citizens. And with the BOOM over body positivity, we have seen SOME changes but we also see the true colors of how we are seen.

Inclusivity has made everyone feel like they are accepting of all of us, but are they?

What does INCLUSIVITY mean? Google defines the word as:

“The practice or policy of including people who might otherwise be excluded or marginalized, such as those who have physical or mental disabilities and members of minority groups.”

A size-inclusive brand would include the GROUP and not SOME of the group.

So every time a brand or designer puffs out their chest to say they are inclusive, you actually are not unless you are offering ALL sizes. If your size chart stops at a 3X you have extended your sizes and offer plus-sizes, but you are not an inclusive brand.


Sorry to burst your bubble, but ask any size 24+ woman or man about their shopping experience.

We have many people working hard to offer plus-size clothing beyond the basic, everyday lifestyle pieces, to plus-sized women. Thank you 🙂

However, we have also seen some offer 1 piece, or do a ‘SOFT launch’ of larger sizes where it is not fully promoted. Then when it does not sell, they use that data to justify why they are not offering bigger sizes.


Well, if we don’t know you are offering that sizing then how exactly do you expect it to sell?

Sit and watch TV for 20 minutes during the day and you will see at least 12 commercials. Dog food commercials feature dogs, their happy owners in beautiful settings. A medicine geared towards children will show parents taking care of their kids and a child probably not feeling well and by the end of the commercial, they are at 100%.

Why are we the ONLY industry where it’s completely okay NOT to feature the people we are selling to?

Yes, we have made great strides but plus-size does not begin at an hourglass size 12 and end with you featuring a curvy size 18.

And while you may be featuring bigger influencers in your social media, and clearly they are selling the product for you, you would be wise to INVEST in plus size models that have THOSE body types and work with the agencies to develop professional size 20+ models.


This is how the industry will redefine the minds of the people who look right past us and are so uncomfortable around our size.

If we don’t SEE the people we are servicing in this industry, how do we expect the rest of society to do any better?

Looking forward to taking on the world with you in 2020!

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